Wardrobe Wednesdays: Julianne Hough @ Disney Christmas Celebration 2016


Julianne Hough was a super classy “lady in red” at Disney Parks’ Magical Christmas Celebration 2016, which aired on Christmas Day via ABC.

She co-hosted the show with her brother, Derek Hough, in a red strapless KaufmanFranco dress with pockets. I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets, so I fell in love with this look instantly. It makes posing for photos so much less awkward since there’s a designated spot for your hands!

Below are two dresses inspired by Julianne Hough’s look.



1. Lord & Taylor, $57.00

2. Sexy Dresses, $29.99

Fan Art Fridays: Elf‘s Buddy and Jovie (Will Ferrell & Zooey Deschanel)

elf buddy and jovi

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I stayed up last night watching Elf and felt obliged to post fan art from the movie because today’s Fan Art Fridays falls on Christmas!

This piece of fan art was done by illustrator Jim McHugh. I just love how cartoon-ish Buddy and Jovie look up a the North Pole. Jovie really looks like Zooey!

If you like this Elf fan art so much that you wish you could hang it in your room, then, you’re in luck because you can! Order the art from mcillustrator on Etsy with an added quote from the movie.



Wardrobe Wednesdays: Demi Lovato @ Jingle Ball (DIY Edition)

Demi Lovato Jingle Ball 2015

Drop whatever your doing right now and grab your craft scissors, because it’s time to jazz up that ugly Christmas sweater your planning to wear to the holiday party.

Demi Lovato blew minds at the Jingle Ball at Florida’s BB&T Center on December 18th with a super cool DIY reindeer sleigh crop top Christmas sweater paired with fishnets and a pair of high-waisted dance shorts.

“Sl(ay)eigh,” Demi. “Sleigh.”

The original Christmas sweater Demi is wearing is sold out, but here are some alternatives below, as well as places to find fishnets and dance shorts to complete the sassy look.


1. Amazon, $19.99-$44.99 

2. Amazon, £9.99 ($14.82 USD)


3. Bebe, $10.00

4. Nordstrom, $15.00


5. Dancewear Solutions, $15.95

6. American Apparel, $22.00

If you need a little help with the DIY part of this mission, check out the YouTube video below.

What to Buy With All That Money You Got for Christmas

things to buy yourself edit

Everyone made gift guides for you to figure out what to buy others, but what about the gift guide to figure out what to buy yourself?

It’s nice to have a few people give you money so you can determine your own gift-giving destiny. It’s much easier to get stuck with a whole bunch of cash and gift cards than a pile of unwanted gifts.

Here are a few suggestions as to what you should treat yourself with this Christmas.

what to buy for christmas

1. Lush Bath Bombs, $6.25/each$72.95/set, Lush USA.
It’s been a long year. Go take a relaxing bath with one of these glorious bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics.

2. Portable Charger Stick, $18.39, Focus Camera.
Make this the year you don’t run out of phone battery.

3. Nutribullet, $89.99, Macy’s.
Start the year healthy with the infamous Nutribullet. Marcus Butler and Niomi will show you how…

(Cheaper Alternative: Magic Bullet, $49.99, Macy’s)

4. Headphone Hoodie, $19.99, Rakuten.
Jam out to your favorite tunes in your favorite hoodie!

5. Dancing Water Speakers, $29.99, Boscovs.
Who’s got the better moves, you or the water speakers?

6. Spotify Premium, $0.99/3 months,* Spotify.
What better way to use items 4 and 5 than with Spotify Premium! I just got the three month deal, which expires on New Year’s Eve,* and I love it! Take your music underground, and listen without shuffle!

7. Tablet Pillow Holder, $19.88, Walmart.
Quit straining your neck. Get a tablet pillow.

Whatever you decide to buy, I hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays!

Guest Blog: Syaza of Hana Blurbs’ Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Christmas Mix and Match

This post was written by Malaysian beauty and lifestyle blogger Syaza over at Hana Blurbs. She’s all about the smiley emoticons and the super cute outfit guides. Be sure to check out her blog, and enjoy the post below!

Hello all! I am Syaza from Hana Blurbs 🙂 I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger and I could sidetrack to other types of blog niche once a while. Hehe. I’d like to thank Dana for the guest post opportunity 😀


Anyways, Christmas is coming soon! Despite not having snow here in Malaysia, people here still celebrate Christmas 🙂 So today I will be coming out with a few recommendations of mine, I hope my style won’t be too weird for you to digest!

Outfit #1: Monochrome Boy Chic

Monochrome Boy Chic


Personally, my style is a little tomboy and girly at the same time. Probably with a little rebel rock vibe. Haha. I wanted to do a little twist with the jumper, so I chose an asymmetrical tulle skirt with it. Since it’s rather cold during winter (it is also chilly lately here in Malaysia!), I suggest this Dr Martens boot paired together with long knee-length socks. This is heavily influenced by Japanese style probably, despite the fact I do not read a lot of Japanese magazines. Hehe.

Next one!

Outfit #2: Candy Cane Love

Candy Cane Love


Another preference of mine: outfits that do not need to be sexy to look sexy. Get it? Haha. Other than that, I also want to emphasize on comfort, and for me, this set has that factor.

Outfit #3: Cutie Pie Dwarf

Cutie Pie Dwarf


I wanted to find something with print, but I guess tulle skirts catches my attention for this season. This outfit is suggested for a Christmas party. There are two options for shoes, same type different heights – in case one feels like dancing or doesn’t. I can imagine all shapes and sizes wearing this dress. The length is not too overwhelming for anyone, in my opinion 🙂 With the kind of hair and makeup I have attached with, it’ll definitely attract a little attention :p

And that’s all for my recommendations! I hope this will at least inspire you a little 😀 Thank you!

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30th Disney Parks Christmas Parade

christmas parade

Christmas magic was in full bloom over at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Our hosts for the morning were the one and only Neil Patrick Harris in Florida along with Laura Spencer and Nick Cannon in California.

Of, course, Neil Patrick Harris can’t host a show without having his own little dance number, so he kicked off the morning with a routine to the song “Are You Ready for Christmas?” Before the routine, he confesses to the statue of Mr. Walt Disney that it has always been his dream to be at Disney World on Christmas, and he doesn’t want to screw it up. Walt Disney responds, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams will always come true.”

Over in California, Nick Cannon is running late, so he asks Neil Patrick Harris if he can keep singing for two more minutes. Well, you don’t have to ask that man twice!

I’m always afraid of Neil Patrick Harris hosting PG rated shows, because, as we all know, his jokes can sometimes be a bit inappropriate. However, he kept the jokes clean for the Christmas Parade.

Here are some of the funny moments from our hosts Harris and Canon:

1. When Neil Patrick Harris says to Darth Vader “Sounds like somebody’s congested!” Does he want to die?!

2. Harris dons a pair of 3D glasses to watch the floats in the parade. As if anything looks different.

3. When Nick Cannon takes a sip of eggnog and decides its “A little heavy on the egg and light on the nog.”

4. Upon the arrival of Santa Claus, Neil Patrick Harris realizes he has been replaced by Darth Vader and his crew. Clearly they’re out to get him.

5. The end of the show where Harris is on the Jingle Safari with Darth Vader and his crew. After countless lame jokes, Darth Vader manages to choke him without even laying a finger on his neck. Woah.

Parade Highlights:

1. Monsters University Cheerleaders: I can’t get over how adorable those little girl cheerleaders were in their fuzzy green leg warmers!

2. “Let it Snow” by Dove Cameron: I don’t know much about Dove Cameron, but I do know that this girl has the sassiest voice I’ve ever heard on a person of her size! Her dress was cute too!

3. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” by Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo: These two were so adorable! Jordin showed off her gorgeous curves in a long purple dress that looked absolutely fabulous. Jordin even kissed Jason on the cheek at the end. How cute!

4. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Mary J. Blidge: Mary J. was the morning’s lady in white. She sang her little heart out on stage for us.

5. “Feliz Navidad” by Il Volo: Okay, who are these handsome Italian men, and why have I never heard of them before?! Their baritone and tenor voices are crazy sexy, and I love Gianluca’s sequined blazer!

6. “Let it Go” (Frozen) by Demi Lovato: The vocals were a little flat but Demi still managed to shine on stage with her blue hair and gorgeous statement necklace.

7. Santa Claus: Father Christmas looked spectacular upon his Christmas decorated float!

8. “Deck the Halls/Let Me Love You” by Neyo: R&B singer Neyo closed out the show with a “Deck the Halls” and “Let Me Love You” medley. I think he was the only performer who actually burst a sweat up there! The dancers made the performance complete.

I hope you all enjoyed the parade, and have a very Merry Christmas!merry christmas