Portfolio Clips

Writing Clips

5 Instagrammers to follow for travel inspiration

5 Must-have airport apps


5 NYC booze-infused desserts that’ll make you drool

Spring Break 2016: Road Trip Gems Near NYC

Five People You’ll Meet on an MTA Bus in NYC

Must-See Art of New York City’s Underground

9 Pieces to Find on a Brooklyn Street Art Scavenger Hunt

Where to Find the Best Vintage and Thrift Items in New York City


Max Greenfield is completely transformed for American Horror Story: Hotel

Listen to the White House’s First Spotify Playlists

Behold, Sephora’s New Subscription Box is Coming


Culture Designers Articles

A World of Partial Fiction: Scott D Benites

clapway logo

Clapway Articles

AnyWay: Pointing Each Other in the Right Direction

PIVOT Wants to Take You Back In Time

Disco Dog Keeps Your Dog Safe and Stylish

Airport Personal Transport: Your Personal Chauffeur

lir logo

Long Island Report Articles

Nassau County aging as young adults leave the suburbs

New York ranked 27 in new data concerning loan debt


Better Than A Cupcake Articles

Adrian Alicea: Follow Your Heart and Not Your Eyes

4Love Clothing: Empowering the Women Who Hold Up Half the Sky

Fashion From Across the Pond With Joey Bevan

tremr logo
Tremr.com Articles

6 Reasons Why People Love Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kwame Liv is “Comin’ THRU” With a New Song For Summer 2014

A REtouch of Beauty

ny post logo
New York Post Articles

Outraged teachers tell UFC PAC: Count us out  (as additional reporter)

Teachers want their money back after UFC backs Sharpton (as additional reporter)

cosmopolitan logo

Cosmopolitan.com Articles

Voters Concerned About Bill that Could Outlaw Abortion  (as additional reporter)

Screenshot 2015-07-25 at 8.41.51 PM

Hofstra Chronicle Articles

Profile of a Stand-Out Photographer: Alvia Urdaneta


HerCampus.com Articles

Meet George Calvo, King of Hofstra’s Fall Festival

10 Netflix Shows that You MUST Binge-Watch Immediately

HC Hofstra’s Favorite Christmas Ornaments

macduffnyc logo

MacDuff NYC Articles

Andrew Belle’s Black Bear Album Review

The Race Horse Company Presents: Petit Mal

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company at Union Square Park’s Summer in the Square

Belinda’s ‘Catarsis’ Album Review

Video Clips

Young Adults Leaving Nassau County?

Audio Clips

Glee “Feud” Episode Commentary

Lenient Court Rulings for Celebrities

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