This blog was born on February 4, 2013 in Journalism Tools (JRNL 010) at Hofstra University. In order to learn the basic tools of journalism, everyone had to create a blog, so I created The Whisper Box.

The day we presented our blogs to the class, Professor Peyronnin expressed a subtle dislike of the blog’s name. I wanted the blog to represent the box-shaped medium it would be most viewed onโ€•a computer. So I completely ignored my professor, kept the name and went on to post various pop culture and entertainment related news topics on the blog throughout the semester. He grew to love The Whisper Box eventually.

I’ve since completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Hofstra, and I continue to write on this blog. I’ve always loved to write, and although I used to blog on a different site before this one, I never fully immersed myself in the blogosphere until I created The Whisper Box.

I don’t exactly remember how my obsession with pop culture began, but as a little girl, I would always flip through tabloid magazines while waiting in the checkout line with my mom at the grocery store. I’ve also loved music for as long as I could remember. I feel like my favorite celebrities and musicians are just long lost friends I haven’t met in person yet (but I will soon!).

Back in high school at Bard Early College Queens, a professor of mine once said during a lecture, “Celebrities are the kings and queens of America.” I really do believe that’s true.

As a lover of all things pop culture and entertainment, my mission is to inform you of the latest gossip and music in the industry. I hope you’ll grow to love pop culture and entertainment as much as I do.

To learn more, visit my about.me page.

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  2. Downloading stuff from this website is as trouble-free |as clicking the mouse rather than other websites which shift me here and there on the web pagesAbout | The Whisper Box.

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