Fan Art Fridays: Elsa, Olaf & Anna

elsa olaf anna frozen fan art

Thursday was the first day of winter, so it’s only fitting that I feature every kid’s favorite winter-themed animated film, Frozen on this week’s Fan Art Fridays.

I found this piece of fan art by A-KA over on Tumblr. Elsa, Olaf and Anna are in complete selfie mode in this colored pencil work of art, wide eyed and smiling as if they were posing for a selfie.

See the original fan art on Tumblr.

P.S. Did you really think I was going to end this without asking the most important question of the season?

Fan Art Fridays: Happy Belated Birthday, Justin Bieber

justin bieber fan art

When Justin Bieber’s birthday rolls around on March 1st, I’m reminded of how old I’m getting and how much time I have left to plan some sort of event for myself in May.

He celebrated his birthday a-la-Frozen in a stalactite cave with some of his buddies, posing for some Instagram shots along the way. He looks quite sad/annoyed in this pic though:

And then he went all “home video” style with a time stamp on this one:

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This is a little kid smile

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I totally get it, man. We’re getting old.

Anyway, I found this lovely piece of fan art by jaysonframe on Instagram, featuring the Biebs with glassy light brown eyes. Justin Bieber’s hair disappears into this sketch, which is totally cool with me, because I’m actually getting kind of annoyed with the bleach blonde…

Enjoy the original fan art here.


November Favorites: Sean O’Pry, Swiftamine & ‘Frozen’ is Real?

november faves cover

Yes, I know the November favorites are late, and I could give you a million and one reasons as to why, but how about we just stick to “better late than never”?

November’s pop culture news left me feeling extremely grateful for the humorous side of news, because boy there were some pretty awful hard news reports throughout the month.

Pop culture: restoring faith in humanity (sometimes).

So let’s get to it:

Favorite News Articles 

1. Sean O’Pry interview with Elle. After the “Blank Space” music video was released I just couldn’t get enough, man. (Side note: does anyone else notice his resemblance to Max Greenfield?!)
2. Series of Unfortunate Events is coming to Netflix as an original series! My childhood has come back to bring me long hours of binge-watching joy.
3. The unfolding of Lorde v. Diplo. Don’t mess with Taylor Swift, or her friends will come after you. “They used to shout [her] name, now they whisper it…”
4. Jennifer Lawrence’s garlic breath during Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 kissing scenes with Liam Hemsworth. After seeing the results on the big screen, I realize this was a fantastic idea (bravo Jennifer).
5. A man at a soccer game wipes his nose snot on a woman’s head. And someone just happened to catch it on Vine. #SchadenfreudeForDays

Favorite Music

1. “Sadness Disease – Rise at Night Remix” by Urban Cone. Love the original more, but this remix is very well done.

2. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” by Selena Gomez. So much emotion in less than a four minute time frame.

3. “Medicine” by 1975. I don’t know what it is about this song, but the melancholy is so bittersweet and tear inducing that it makes me happy… Is that weird?

4. “Why” by Le Sins ft. Nate Salman. I had my doubts about this project by Toro y Moi, but this song completely changed my opinion of Michael.

5. “Teacher” by Nick Jonas. Love. It. The lyric video is also brilliant!

6. “Together” by Calvin Harris ft. Gwen Stefani. This made me super excited to hear whatever else Gwen Stefani is working on in the near future.

7. “Kiss Me Goodbye” by Alexandra Stan. This girl is a rare European electro-pop gem. If this song is about a real event…jeez. Let me just leave it at that.

8. “Shoot Me Down” by David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey. I feel like I’ve been deprived of a voice like Skylar’s for too long. Where have they been hiding you!

9. “Isabel Street” by Robert DeLong. This guy seems to like writing lyrics that will get him in trouble. Me likey.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Mike Falzone and the Gentlemen’s Ballet. Reasons you can’t take Mike Falzone seriously.

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Typical Saturday Bro-out.

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2. Nick Jonas booty. Watch out Kim K…

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What a tease.

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3. Gordon Ramsay likes to play with his vegetables. I think the kids on his show have really turned him into a much more approachable kind of guy.

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Beets by Chef ! #MCJPlayWithYourFood

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4. Lucy Hale’s puppy! Can I dog sit for you one day, Lucy?

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❤️🐩 bye baby boy !

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5. Mike Tompkins and his green umbrella magic. The male Mary Poppins?

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Top of the mornin' to ya

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6. Joey Graceffa got a pup named Wolf. He’s so precious with his one blue eye!

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Me and my boy ❤️

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7. Mindy Project Kodak moment. Sometimes I have to stop myself for a second and realize that The Mindy Project is fictional, and that Danny Castellano is actually Chris Messina who is married to someone that is not Mindy.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Castle “Child’s Play.” Beckett’s got some competition…

2. The Mindy Project “Caramel Princess Time.” The 80s hair. THE 80s HAIR.

3. New Girl “Teachers.” Ryan Geauxinue (Julian Morris). Enough said. I hope they don’t cut him off the show too soon!

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. SNL’s Swiftamine. Let’s say this was actually a product in stores. Does Taylor Swift get a percentage of the profits or…?

2. Frozen is real?! Props to this guy for getting on Jimmy Kimmel!

3. Rhett and Link attempt to become members of the Blue Man Group. I could not stop laughing at Link’s Lionel Richie shirt!

4. Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart superlatives. I’m with you on the spider precaution technique, Niomi!

5. PJ teaches us how to cut a pineapple. And how to decorate your abode with the remains.

November is gone and the year is almost over. Where did it go…

This Week in Music: ‘Frozen’ Soundtrack’s “Let It Go” Gets an EDM Makeover

Let it Go EDM

So, is this one by Adele Dazeem?

It appears that the infamous “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel from the Frozen soundtrack got remixed and remastered by EDM artist Armin van Buuren.

This remix is part of a new Disney album called DConstructed, an album full of awesome Disney songs remixed by some of EDM’s best DJs.

Armin van Buuren brings a trance vibe to the song with an upbeat psychedelic melody.

Idina Menzel’s voice is slightly pitched in this remix, which is a popular theme in the EDM world.

I can’t say I don’t like this interesting spin on a Disney hit!

The music video is very cool as well. It features a storm, lightning through the clouds, fluorescent snowflakes, and an ice castle in the mountains.

The snowflake light show is very reminiscent of the visuals in Fantasia.

As Buzzfeed claims, “This one’s a banger, folks.”


30th Disney Parks Christmas Parade

christmas parade

Christmas magic was in full bloom over at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Our hosts for the morning were the one and only Neil Patrick Harris in Florida along with Laura Spencer and Nick Cannon in California.

Of, course, Neil Patrick Harris can’t host a show without having his own little dance number, so he kicked off the morning with a routine to the song “Are You Ready for Christmas?” Before the routine, he confesses to the statue of Mr. Walt Disney that it has always been his dream to be at Disney World on Christmas, and he doesn’t want to screw it up. Walt Disney responds, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams will always come true.”

Over in California, Nick Cannon is running late, so he asks Neil Patrick Harris if he can keep singing for two more minutes. Well, you don’t have to ask that man twice!

I’m always afraid of Neil Patrick Harris hosting PG rated shows, because, as we all know, his jokes can sometimes be a bit inappropriate. However, he kept the jokes clean for the Christmas Parade.

Here are some of the funny moments from our hosts Harris and Canon:

1. When Neil Patrick Harris says to Darth Vader “Sounds like somebody’s congested!” Does he want to die?!

2. Harris dons a pair of 3D glasses to watch the floats in the parade. As if anything looks different.

3. When Nick Cannon takes a sip of eggnog and decides its “A little heavy on the egg and light on the nog.”

4. Upon the arrival of Santa Claus, Neil Patrick Harris realizes he has been replaced by Darth Vader and his crew. Clearly they’re out to get him.

5. The end of the show where Harris is on the Jingle Safari with Darth Vader and his crew. After countless lame jokes, Darth Vader manages to choke him without even laying a finger on his neck. Woah.

Parade Highlights:

1. Monsters University Cheerleaders: I can’t get over how adorable those little girl cheerleaders were in their fuzzy green leg warmers!

2. “Let it Snow” by Dove Cameron: I don’t know much about Dove Cameron, but I do know that this girl has the sassiest voice I’ve ever heard on a person of her size! Her dress was cute too!

3. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” by Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo: These two were so adorable! Jordin showed off her gorgeous curves in a long purple dress that looked absolutely fabulous. Jordin even kissed Jason on the cheek at the end. How cute!

4. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Mary J. Blidge: Mary J. was the morning’s lady in white. She sang her little heart out on stage for us.

5. “Feliz Navidad” by Il Volo: Okay, who are these handsome Italian men, and why have I never heard of them before?! Their baritone and tenor voices are crazy sexy, and I love Gianluca’s sequined blazer!

6. “Let it Go” (Frozen) by Demi Lovato: The vocals were a little flat but Demi still managed to shine on stage with her blue hair and gorgeous statement necklace.

7. Santa Claus: Father Christmas looked spectacular upon his Christmas decorated float!

8. “Deck the Halls/Let Me Love You” by Neyo: R&B singer Neyo closed out the show with a “Deck the Halls” and “Let Me Love You” medley. I think he was the only performer who actually burst a sweat up there! The dancers made the performance complete.

I hope you all enjoyed the parade, and have a very Merry Christmas!merry christmas