28th Birthday Wishlist

I’m finally going to have a mask-free birthday this time around and I’ve decided to take my PTO to coincide with it so we getting litty this year 🥳

As always, do not feel obligated to get me anything (unless you are a certain person lying on the couch next to me as I start to write this, you know what I want and it’s not on this list!). I simply make these lists for the purpose of having blog content.

In any case, here’s my 28th birthday wishlist:

1. Cheetah Roller Skate Laces: I fully intend to try to get back on my skates this month. Even if I have to bandage myself up in KT tape. Longer laces will make feel a bit more secure if I can tie them around my ankle a few times as my current ones are a bit on the shorter side.

2. Roller Skate Bag: I’m thinking about going into NYC to skate at Flippers when I’m feeling more confident about skating again (most likely in September) so instead of traveling with a huge bookbag it might be nice to have a special skate bag to carry my roller skates in.

3. JBL Bluetooth Earbuds: The Bluetooth pair I use at home are terrible so I’ve been in the market for new earbuds for some time now.

4. Color or Black & White 35mm Film: I’ve been getting into film and have shot a few expired rolls so far but nothing fresh so it would be cool to see how my photos look on non-expired film. (I like Kodak Gold 🤩)

5. Mari by Marsai Nails: Marsai is my celebrity doppelganger so I def should get these in every color at some point.

6. Freeze Dried Skittles and Jolly Rounds: I saw these in Rachel Ballinger’s video and now I’m curious to try them myself.

7. Black Girl Magic Wine: You can never have too much podcast wine, right?

8. Greek Seasoning Olive Oil: I saw this company at an expo a few years back and always wondered how cool it would be to cook with their flavored oils.

9. Tea Forte Presentation Box: I recently tried the Ginger Lemongrass flavor at an event and the teabags are so cute with the little leaves on them!

Don’t forget to use Rakuten if you’re doing any shopping online!

Spring Cleaning 2022 Playlist

Before we begin this playlist, I just want to note that I had all the songs planned out for this in March 2020 right when the pandemic shut everything down and made life miserable. I held off on posting it until we weren’t all going stir crazy right now, so by the time I went back to the playlist I couldn’t remember my reasoning for a few of the songs on it 😅

Also had planned to do a roller skating playlist this spring but I rolled my ankle on day 11 of re-relearning to roller skate after a 15+ year hiatus. So there went that.

In any case, we are now in almost completely mask-free endemic phase, with spring weather hovering in the high 40s. Not pleased with the amount of freeze warnings still happening but it’s now the perfect time to stay indoors to do some spring cleaning.

Enjoy dancing around the house in cleaning gloves with these jams:

1. Hello (ft. Rejjie Snow), Clairo. Hello spring, but also hello to the pollen and other dust allergens.

2. Sugar Daddy, Qveen Herby. Time to don your favorite outfit for a bougie Qveen Herby-esque cleaning sesh.

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3. Shock Horror (ft. JONES), Shy Luv. For when you’re both shocked and horrified at the amount of grime that accumulated in hard to reach corners over the last year.

4. House of Cards, Radiohead. My favorite song to partner dance with the broom to.

5. LAVA, Still Woozy. For those of you cleaning both before and after the spring break parties like the one in this music video, my heart goes out to you.

6. Aftershock, Summer Heart. You don’t really realize how much dirt you cleaned until the never ending task of rinsing out the reusable Swiffer rag.

7. Fake It, jesse saint john. Fake your desire to clean until you start feeling like you actually want to (or until you’re done cleaning, whichever comes first).

8. Extra Fresh, Birocratic. A beat to help get your space looking extra fresh.

9. Machine, Lemaitre. This one goes out to all the Roombas.

10. Kimono House, Ruby Empress. Looking forward to lounging around in a kimono when the place is finally all cleaned up.

11. Under the Sheets, Ellie Goulding. Don’t forget to put on some fresh sheets to bask your tired body in after cleaning.

12. April, Blowsom. Closing out April groovy and squeaky clean!

Cheers to a clean spring!

Friday Night Lights | Poppin’ Bottles & Culture

Our season finale (and last episode of the year) features a special guest! Join us as David helps Meggy and I talk about football bromances, Michael Strahan in Magic Mike, and more!

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