Guest Blog: 5 Most Inspirational Women in Hollywood by Nicole DaRosa

Hi, I’m Nicole from Glamorously You! I am so excited to be joining forces with The Whisper Box to provide you with some Hollywood-style inspiration. I talk a lot about staying inspired in your life and career on Glamorously You, so it only made sense to add an element of the entertainment industry on top of that for this collaboration! So without further ado, here are the 5 most inspirational women in Hollywood right now.

Reese Witherspoon

We can’t talk about women in Hollywood right now without bringing up the #MeToo movement, and Reese Witherspoon has solidified her place as a supporter and activist. During the tidal wave of women coming forward with their stories of sexual assault, Reese bravely admitted that she too was violated by a director at only 16 years old. Since then, she has led the path for other women to come forward and tell their stories through the #TimesUp initiative.

Greta Gerwig

Greta is definitely having her time in the spotlight this year, and hopefully it will last for a while. She has become the first women director to have her debut film be nominated for Academy Awards as well as becoming only the fifth woman to be nominated for Best Director in all of Oscar history. Her film Lady Bird has received critical acclaim and is considered to be one of the best films of 2017.

Ava DuVernay

Based on her amazing pieces of work, you would think Ava DuVernay has been in the film industry for decades. Surprisingly enough, her early beginnings were in journalism and public relations! It wasn’t until 2006 that she decided to write and direct her first short film. 12 years later and she has become the first female African-American director to direct a live-action film with a budget of over $100 million! Ava’s story shows us that it’s okay to not have everything figured out at a young age – your destiny will always present itself!

Tiffany Haddish

If I had to give an award to the biggest breakout star of 2017, it would absolutely be Tiffany Haddish. She was the comedienne that we would all see from time to time in small or guest starring roles, but it was her role in the hit movie Girls Trip that catapulted her to leading lady stardom. Since then, she has starred in her own Showtime comedy special, written a memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, and is set to star in a sitcom with Tracy Morgan and a movie with Kevin Hart. This girl is busy!

Yara Shahidi

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I had to give a shout out to one of the many young women in Hollywood who are making a name for themselves right now. Yara is best known for her role as Zoey Johnson on black-ish and its spin-off, grown-ish, but recently we have seen her using that platform to launch herself as an activist. She has a mentoring program, Yara’s Club, and has just launched her latest initiative, Eighteen x 18, which is meant to inspire young people to use their power to vote in this year’s midterm elections. And she’s done all that before she celebrated her 18th birthday!

The past year was a rough one for not only women in Hollywood, but for women all over the world. However, it is times like these that bring out the brightest stars! Which woman in Hollywood is inspiring you the most right now?

Nicole DaRosa is the founder and blogger-in-chief of Glamorously You, where she helps young women on their journey to becoming their most glamorous selves, inside and out. Through her writing, she encourages readers to feel confident in their true identities, partake in constant self-improvement, and sport a style of their own. Nicole describes herself as a glamorous introvert, lipstick connoisseur, avid journalista, and a lover of all things sparkly.

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Guest Blog: Simply Melissy Brings Her Favorite Characters to Life

Is New York Fashion Week causing you to want to try your hand at making and designing clothes? Melissa from Simply Melissy is a writer and sewing teacher who creates beautiful gingermelon dolls and clothes for her favorite characters! Read on to learn about her work and how she can help you create your very own designs for dolls and other characters you love!
sewing simply melissy

We all have a favorite character from our childhood. With so many old favorites being brought back to life in the 21st-century Age of the Media, it’s harder than ever to fight the nostalgia that comes with seeing characters we grew to love being on the silver screen.

Whether you’ve been a Potterhead since Hagrid said that ‘yer a wizard, or you lived in an old house in Paris covered in vines, Simply Melissy can create the doll from within the pages of old and new classics.

I’m Melissa, the founder of Simply Melissy, and I’ve been making dolls for years now. I love to make sure that all the little details that book (and movie!) lovers want to see are there. If you peek under Madeline’s dress, you’ll see the stitches from where her appendix was removed. Dobby isn’t just a doll—he comes with a whole set of clothes, from a Weasley Sweater, a hat knit by Hermione, and socks purchased the correct way—without matches!

dobby harry potter simply melissy

Some of my dolls are based off of Gingermelon patterns, but some I make myself. When I made (my personal favorite) Dobby, I spent hours studying the book text as well as the movie interpretation to craft his nose and ears just so. I decided to embroider wrinkles on his face, and even add eyelids to those big green orbs. His pillowcase tunic was hand dyed by me to get the perfect coloring.

Contact me to start the process. You can order something you already see in shop, or work with me to bring your favorite storybook, movie, or even made-up character to life. All of my dolls are handmade from felt that is made from recycled bottles. They have safety eyes, and even moveable arms!

Simply Melissy felt dolls are good for the gentle child, and even better for the nostalgic adult and avid collector!

Start now in the Simply Melissy Etsy shop. Use coupon code STORYBOOK to receive 10% off of your doll!

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Guest Blog: Syaza of Hana Blurbs’ Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Christmas Mix and Match

This post was written by Malaysian beauty and lifestyle blogger Syaza over at Hana Blurbs. She’s all about the smiley emoticons and the super cute outfit guides. Be sure to check out her blog, and enjoy the post below!

Hello all! I am Syaza from Hana Blurbs 🙂 I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger and I could sidetrack to other types of blog niche once a while. Hehe. I’d like to thank Dana for the guest post opportunity 😀


Anyways, Christmas is coming soon! Despite not having snow here in Malaysia, people here still celebrate Christmas 🙂 So today I will be coming out with a few recommendations of mine, I hope my style won’t be too weird for you to digest!

Outfit #1: Monochrome Boy Chic

Monochrome Boy Chic


Personally, my style is a little tomboy and girly at the same time. Probably with a little rebel rock vibe. Haha. I wanted to do a little twist with the jumper, so I chose an asymmetrical tulle skirt with it. Since it’s rather cold during winter (it is also chilly lately here in Malaysia!), I suggest this Dr Martens boot paired together with long knee-length socks. This is heavily influenced by Japanese style probably, despite the fact I do not read a lot of Japanese magazines. Hehe.

Next one!

Outfit #2: Candy Cane Love

Candy Cane Love


Another preference of mine: outfits that do not need to be sexy to look sexy. Get it? Haha. Other than that, I also want to emphasize on comfort, and for me, this set has that factor.

Outfit #3: Cutie Pie Dwarf

Cutie Pie Dwarf


I wanted to find something with print, but I guess tulle skirts catches my attention for this season. This outfit is suggested for a Christmas party. There are two options for shoes, same type different heights – in case one feels like dancing or doesn’t. I can imagine all shapes and sizes wearing this dress. The length is not too overwhelming for anyone, in my opinion 🙂 With the kind of hair and makeup I have attached with, it’ll definitely attract a little attention :p

And that’s all for my recommendations! I hope this will at least inspire you a little 😀 Thank you!

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Guest Blog: Krystal of BeautyLifeGeek’s Top 5 Anime Picks

Krystal of BeautyLifeGeek brings you her top five anime picks! Enjoy her guest post below. 


Hello, my name is Krystal of I am here to help you tap into your inner geek, and introduce to you my top five anime picks. Keep in mind, these are my personal picks that I enjoy. I want to share my picks with all of you. If you disagree, that’s okay! No harm done! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and anime preferences.

1. K


K is about a young boy who is framed for murder, due to mistaken identity. His life turns upside down, when he is caught in a war between the seven kings and the HOMRA group. The visuals are amazing, the story line is very interesting, and you have to option to watch this anime is Japanese or English.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online parts 1 and 2 is an amazing anime, and one of my personal favorites. Sword Art Online follows SOA beta tester Kirito, as his life is literally a video game. The only way to free himself, along with many other players is battle the final boss after 100th floors. You will thoroughly love this anime.

3. Death Note


This is more of a Gothic life or death anime. A death note holds the power to kill the person written in the dark notebook. Light Yagami befriends a strange detective named L, to track down the owner of the death note, while concealing his ownership of the death note.

4. Black Butler  

Ciel Phantomhive and his Butler Sebastian solve mysteries under the queen of England’s request. This is another dark anime with humor and cute characters. This is another one of my favorites!

5. Naruto Shippuden


WARNING: If you have not seen the original (first) Naruto, the premise of the storyline will not make any sense to you. Naruto Shippuden follows a grown up Naruto and his friends, as they battle the dark powers developed by Sasuke. Perfect for reliving the moments of Naruto, as the final chapter comes to an end.


Do you agree with my top five picks? Which anime is your favorite? Leave your top five in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky!

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