August Favorites: RIP Gene Wilder, Pink Dolphin & Taylor Swift in Jury Duty

august faves

I think this is the first time in a very long time that my monthly favorites are going up on the first day of the new month. I know, you don’t have to tell me—you’re so proud of me.

Is it me or was August 2016 kind of awesome?! Since there aren’t any holidays in August, it usually drags on but this year I didn’t feel it. Maybe it’s because I’m living in Manhattan now…

Anyway, here are my favorites in pop culture and entertainment for the month of August:

Favorite News Articles

1. RIP Gene Wilder. I’ll still never understand how one person could be so much coolness.

2. Pink dolphin. Um, somebody’s been getting too lucky in those waters…

3. Taylor Swift had jury duty. I actually never thought about the fact that celebs have to do that too. Wow.

4. Matt Damon’s man bun. Excuse me, what is this?!

Favorite Music

1. “My Things” by Trails and Ways. It sucks that Hannah and Emma aren’t in the band anymore but they still sound good with the new female vocals!

2. “Shelter” by Madeon and Porter Robinson. I just absolutely adore that sentimental quivering violin at the end of the track. Freaking superb collab from those two!

3. “Dive Deep” by Andrew Belle. Gettin’ frisky there, Andrew!

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Trails and Ways @ Mercury Lounge

Trails and Ways at Mercury Lounge on June 18th

Trails and Ways at Mercury Lounge on June 18th

So last week Thursday I went to my first 21+ concert at Mercury Lounge to see Trails and Ways! My friend Karina joined me, and we had so much fun.

Waterstrider opened the show at around 7pm with a song that started putting me to sleep (it was either “White Light” or “Calliope,” I really don’t remember. But then things got interesting when they played more upbeat songs like “Redwood” and “New Sun.”


Waterstrider’s lead singer Nate Salman’s high range vocals are pretty impressive, and the group’s conga player Brijean Murphy is so cool. (Side note: It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I realized Nate Salman is the singer featured on Le Sins’ “Why”. I freaking love that song! His vocal range is lower in “Why” than most of his songs for Waterstrider, so I had a hard time believing it was him. I had to actually watch a live video to be convinced!)

Waterstrider ended at around 7:30pm, and that’s when Karina and I decided to go get some food in our bodies to then get some alcohol. I wasn’t the one who got the drinks, but according to Karina, we were served cranberry vodka with fizz and a lime. It was delicious!

Trails and Ways came on at around 8:15pm. I was super hype. They opened with “Jacaranda,” one of the last singles released from Pathology.

The band also played some of my all time favorites, “Nunca,” “Tereza,” and “Say You Will.” When they played “Dream About Me,” Karina and I went nuts because we didn’t realize Ian Quirk was the one singing on that one when we heard it on the album. He is now my personal favorite of the band.

At one point during the show, Emma stopped to tell us about how she and Hannah went to buy fanny packs at a store in NYC that they had bought the same item from a few years ago.

“It’s basically like a pocket for your waist,” she said. Keith thanked her for that fashion update and kindly asked to move on.

Trails and Ways was amazing, and even though I was kind of saddened that they played their cover of “Sure Thing” instead of “Lost” for the encore, I absolutely loved the concert. They ended with “Vines” the last track on their latest album, (making the show’s ending even more melancholy than it needed to be).

Karina was all, “It’s not over, is it?”

Couldn’t have asked for a better night to celebrate my new 21+ concert-going life!

April Favorites: Detroit D, Square-Faced Dogs & Grace Helbig’s Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

April Faves

Alrighty. April is over, May is here, and hopefully you’ve got those ridiculous Justin Timberlake “It’s Gonna Be May” meme laughs out of your system.

The beginning of April seemed kind of dull for pop culture news but things got interesting towards the end.

Here are my April favorites!

Favorite News Articles

1. Ariana Grande’s dad intervenes on Big Sean’s Instagram comment. Detroit Sean? Hmmmm… The D is not…lemme just leave that alone…

2. Square-faced dog haircuts. To all the dog owners in the world: how about no.

3. The Pinktax project. I’m glad this is being addressed.

4. A high schooler’s life in headlines. Hilarious.

Favorite Music

1. The Beach (Les Loups Remix) by PWNDTIAC feat. Krue. I just love this so much.

2. Say You Will by Trails and Ways. The amount of sexy in this song.

3. Can I by Alina Baraz and Galimatias. Only Alina Baraz can undress a person with her voice. New superpower officially unlocked.

4. All Time Low by Jon Bellion. He tried to fix his pride but “that sh*t’s broken.” Poor thing.

5. Let’s Get Slow by Aeroplane feat. Benjamin Diamond. You know summer is coming when you start hearing songs like this.

6. American Oxygen by Rihanna. Welcome to the new America.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. St. Lucia at Coachella. Totally wish I was there!

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2. Edgar and Pewdiepie. I can’t deal.

3. Amy from Karmin’s new hairdo. LOVE IT. And her eyeballs are so gorgeous!

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Bates Motel, “Norma Louise.” I still cannot believe Norman dressed up in his mother’s robe. Definitely an episode to remember.

2. Castle, “In Plane Sight.” It was so nice seeing Inbar Lavi (Revivia) from Underemployed in this episode!

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Grace takes on the Kylie Jenner lip challengeThis is how it’s done.

2. Joe Weller is an internet melt. Or, used to be.

3. Joe Sugg does some more impressions. I cannot believe what he made Nala do!

4. Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart switch clothes. I can’t even.

May flowers, you comin’?

This Week in Music: Trails and Ways’ “Lost” (Frank Ocean Cover)

trails and ways

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of coming across the Soundcloud link to Trails and Way’s cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost.”

I first heard of the Brazilian band Trails and Way’s while listening to the Majestic Casual playlist on YouTube. After hearing their song “Tereza,” I couldn’t stop listening to their music!

The band took Frank Ocean’s “Lost” and put an interesting multicultural spin on it. The verses of the song are sung in Brazilian Portuguese, and the chorus is in English. The Portuguese gives the song a nice island paradise feel.  A little bit of an accent is present in the chorus, which is quite nice.

The instrumentation of this cover is superb. The band fuses together the bass, piano, and drums to create a rich bossa nova vibe. With it’s medium tempo, it’s the perfect song to relax yourself after a long day.

I just love the chorus when they sing,

Now you’re lost
Lost in the heat of it all
Girl you know you’re lost
Lost in the thrill of it all
Miami, Amsterdam
Tokyo, Spain, lost
Los Angeles, India
Lost on a train, lost.

This cover will make you feel like you just took a trip around the world in your headphones!

Those of you who know and love the Frank Ocean version of this track are sure to enjoy this vamped up Brazilian edition. Check it out below.


Summer 2013 Playlist

summer playlist

It’s officially summer! Here comes the vacations, the parties and all the fun! But those summer activities wouldn’t be complete without a summer playlist now, would they?

Here are 14 fun, festive and relaxing summer songs to add to your summer playlist.

1. Summer’s Not Hot, Selena Gomez and the Scene: What else screams summer better than Selena Gomez literally screaming “It’s summer!” at the beginning of this track? The song is cute and fun, as she sings about the summer not being hot without her guy. Wink, wink.

2. So Many Details, Toro y Moi: This song is part of the chillwave genre, so it has a relaxing beat. The scenery in the video will make you want to take a relaxing vacation in The Carolinas.

3. Let the Groove Get In, Justin Timberlake: For those of you who know how to dance Samba, I envy you, because this song makes me want to dance the Samba. But I can’t do it properly because I don’t know how to. This song is perfect for an outdoor summer party with its festive beat.

4. Ride, Lana Del Rey: I’m not a big Lana fan but I heard this song for the first time during the Pretty Little Liars season 3 finale. It’s one of those songs you would listen to in your convertible with the top down letting the summer breeze take all your troubles away.

5. Move, CSS: Brazilian band CSS, acronym for Cansei de Ser Sexy (I’m Tired of Being Sexy), brings you a cool dance song that will get you moving at this summer’s backyard parties!

6. Trying to Be Cool, Phoenix: Because that’s all we’re trying to be this summer. Pop this French band’s tune on as you try to cool off in the air conditioning.

7. Fifteen (Oxford Remix), Goldroom ft. Chela: I love this song so much that it’s my alarm sound every morning. Chela sings in the first line “It’s been a long time, wondering why the summer smells like sin and wonder.” Indeed it does. And maybe we’ll never know why.

8. Hey Now, Candy Dulfer: What’s summer without a little bit of jazz? This song has the perfect balance of saxophone to make you wanna get groovy.

9. En la Obscuridad, Belinda: In English, the title would be “In the Darkness.” This song is so cute and the video is even cuter. We all know that one mysterious stranger we meet at a late night summer party that we want more from. This song will remind you of him.

10. I Need Your Love, Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding: This mellow electronic song coupled with Ellie Goulding’s fresh voice is the perfect dose of exactly what we need this summer.

11. She Wants to Go, Something like Kites ft. Patrick: Who doesn’t want to go this summer? Here’s another great party song for your party playlist. The awesome guitar chords in this song will make you definitely want to party it up!

12. Como Te Vas, Trails and Ways: This song is from another Brazilian band. The title in English would be “How’s it Going.” The song is sung in Spanish instead of Portuguese. It has a very relaxing summer vibe to it with its smooth guitar.

13. Scratch, BG5: I heard this song for the first time when they were featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians because Kris Jenner manages the group. The beat of this song is a lot of fun, just the way summer should be.

14. Don’t Stop the Party, Pitbull: Because none of us want this party called summer to end, so enjoy it with Mr. Worldwide’s festive song!

summer songs

Have a fun and safe summer 2013 everyone!!