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August Favorites: RIP Gene Wilder, Pink Dolphin & Taylor Swift in Jury Duty

august faves

I think this is the first time in a very long time that my monthly favorites are going up on the first day of the new month. I know, you don’t have to tell me—you’re so proud of me.

Is it me or was August 2016 kind of awesome?! Since there aren’t any holidays in August, it usually drags on but this year I didn’t feel it. Maybe it’s because I’m living in Manhattan now…

Anyway, here are my favorites in pop culture and entertainment for the month of August:

Favorite News Articles

1. RIP Gene Wilder. I’ll still never understand how one person could be so much coolness.

2. Pink dolphin. Um, somebody’s been getting too lucky in those waters…

3. Taylor Swift had jury duty. I actually never thought about the fact that celebs have to do that too. Wow.

4. Matt Damon’s man bun. Excuse me, what is this?!

Favorite Music

1. “My Things” by Trails and Ways. It sucks that Hannah and Emma aren’t in the band anymore but they still sound good with the new female vocals!

2. “Shelter” by Madeon and Porter Robinson. I just absolutely adore that sentimental quivering violin at the end of the track. Freaking superb collab from those two!

3. “Dive Deep” by Andrew Belle. Gettin’ frisky there, Andrew!

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Meghan Trainor at the Iowa State Fair. She shines brighter than those lights on the Ferris Wheel 😀

2. Scott Eastwood and Jayden Smith are buds? I can’t even get passed the dreads to process this unlikely pairing.

3. Ashley Benson is too cool for school. Loving those nerd glasses on her!

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Pretty Little Liars, “The Darkest Night.” This finale was a lot but at least we got Haleb back ❤

2. Suits, “Spain.” LOUIS’ WOOD.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. PewDiePie vs. Twitter. I think Pewds won the verification war by a long shot.

2. Rachel Ballinger and the watermelon. I really can’t believe she wasted so much time doing this to not get it on camera 😥

3. Ian and Shay talk life after Pretty Little Liars. Of course Ian is gonna be sweet and wish for everyone to get new roles immediately after. AND THEY FREAKING BETTER!

Fall is coming. Happy September!


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