Fan Art Fridays: Drake

drake fan art rtsimp

So Drake is basically our hero of the week.

At the rapper’s concert this week in Sydney, Australia, he threatened an audience member for touching women inappropriately in the crowd.

What a creep!

He legit stopped the entire show to publicly embarrass this man, and I am so grateful for it. With all the crap that’s been going on with sexual assault, we need people like Drake to call out these creepers.

Like, did your parents never tell you not to touch random people in crowds, moreover in that way?!

As a thank you, I’ve decided to feature this cool Drake fan art by illustrator Ryan Simpson (@rtsimp) that I found over on Instagram. I love how he got the little curve design in Drake’s haircut just right!

Check out more of Ryan Simpson’s work at!

Roosevelt @ Mercury Lounge

roosevelt marius lauber

I saw Roosevelt live at Mercury Lounge with my friend Karina on Tuesday, September 28th, and it was by far the best concert I’ve ever attended.

The night began with me panicking because I couldn’t get a hold of Karina by cell and the opening act, Shallou, had already begun at 7.

She wasn’t answering her texts, phone calls, or Whatsapp messages (the app said she was last online at 6:28pm), which was enough to drive me crazy.

Shallou’s performance was filled with some really transient soft electro beats, which, like the last time I was at a concert at Mercury Lounge, made me a bit sleeping. I’m starting to hear a trend for opening acts here…

Anyway, Shallou ended close to 8pm and still nothing from Karina. I made my way closer to the stage, trying to tell myself that I’d enjoy the concert with or without her.

Meanwhile, there was an older man in the front jamming out to DJ Supermarkt. His dance moves were getting sort of dangerous, and the guys near me couldn’t stop staring in fear/amazement.

Then a guy in the audience asked how I found out about Roosevelt. I couldn’t remember exactly at the moment, but I said “Spotify.” Then later I remember it was, to be more specific, from Majestic Casual Chapter 2 on Spotify.

Then I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. The voice sounded like Karina. It was. I made my way back to the door to give her the concert ticket so she could come in. She then explained that her phone doesn’t work anymore unless she has WiFi, so she didn’t have GPS and walked the wrong way.


Anyhow, Roosevelt was about to start so I didn’t want to waste time getting a drink in case we were about to miss him. The guy that had asked me earlier about how I found out about Roosevelt let go me back to where I was standing.

And then it happened. Marius, his drummer, and guitar guy walk onto the stage wearing white shirts and started playing “Intro” from the new self-titled album. Then they started the show with “Wait Up.”


“That was like, the perfect song to start with,” Karina said.

Roosevelt went on to play more songs off the new album, including “Colours,” “Fever,” and “Moving On,” as well as old faves “Elliott” and “Hold On.”

When he played “Heart” and “Belong” I melted. So. Freaking. GOOD!

I must say, Roosevelt’s fans definitely know how to dance! There was the cutest young married couple to my left, and they were busting some serious moves. And then there was also that old guy too, who kept saying weird stuff like “Roosevelt in da house!” while dancing like a crazy person.

When the show ended with “Night Moves,” I was left wanting more. I couldn’t believe it was over.

Take me back to Roosevelt at Mercury Lounge!

He’s left the U.S. for now, but here are the rest of his international tour dates:

Neon Indian @ Webster Hall

neon indian webster hall

Wednesday night, my friend Karina and I attended a session of Neon Indian’s Night School.

This is the first time I went to a concert before hearing all the song’s from an artist’s upcoming album, and I was not disappointed.

Karina and I started the night out with some drinks. I got Sex on the Beach and she had Hpnotiq.


Neon Indian’s opening acts were Hannah Cohen and Tamaryn. I’m not a fan of either of their music but they’re both very interesting performers. Hannah Cohen sang songs like “Fake It” and “Keepsake” with a very light, high ranged voice that’s always in slight discord. Tamaryn has more of a rockier shoegazing vibe, and she performed some songs off her album Cranekiss such as the album’s self titled track and “Hands All Over Me.”

Neon Indian came out in all white a little after 10PM. He played songs like “Annie,” “The Glitzy Hive,” and “C’est La Vie (say the casualites)” from his new album Vega Intl. Night School, as well as an old favorite, “Deadbeat Summer.”

At one point during the night he expressed his love for New York. “I spend a couple of months in California, and as soon as I got off the plane I was like ‘F*ck this, man. There’s no place better than New York.” He then proceeded to play my favorite on the new album, “Slumlord.”

He closed the show with “Polish Girl,” the first song I ever heard from Neon Indian. I was a little tipsy from my drink by then but I still danced like crazy. Karina and I couldn’t stop singing the song’s chorus on the way home from the show.

If you haven’t already listened to Neon Indian’s new album that just dropped on Friday, check it out over on Spotify!

Fan Art Fridays: Maroon 5

maroon 5 fan art

This summer’s already starting to “hurt like a” … (you know the rest).

Turns out that Maroon 5 fans in China are being punished for band member Jesse Carmichael’s decision to wish the Dalai Lama a happy birthday over social media. (Don’t bother looking for the evidence on Instagram. It’s been deleted.)

That kind of thing doesn’t go over very well with Chinese officials. All the shows the band was set to play in China are now cancelled.

Looks like China isn’t giving Maroon 5 or their fans any “sugar” this summer.

I don’t think it’s fair to punish the fans for this. Freedom of speech man. Learn it, and if you don’t live it, accept that an AMERICAN band is going to practice it.


The sad news inspired me to post this dreamy piece of fan art I found of the band on Pinterest.

My heart goes out to the Chinese Maroon 5 fandoms.

View the original here.

Trails and Ways @ Mercury Lounge

Trails and Ways at Mercury Lounge on June 18th

Trails and Ways at Mercury Lounge on June 18th

So last week Thursday I went to my first 21+ concert at Mercury Lounge to see Trails and Ways! My friend Karina joined me, and we had so much fun.

Waterstrider opened the show at around 7pm with a song that started putting me to sleep (it was either “White Light” or “Calliope,” I really don’t remember. But then things got interesting when they played more upbeat songs like “Redwood” and “New Sun.”


Waterstrider’s lead singer Nate Salman’s high range vocals are pretty impressive, and the group’s conga player Brijean Murphy is so cool. (Side note: It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I realized Nate Salman is the singer featured on Le Sins’ “Why”. I freaking love that song! His vocal range is lower in “Why” than most of his songs for Waterstrider, so I had a hard time believing it was him. I had to actually watch a live video to be convinced!)

Waterstrider ended at around 7:30pm, and that’s when Karina and I decided to go get some food in our bodies to then get some alcohol. I wasn’t the one who got the drinks, but according to Karina, we were served cranberry vodka with fizz and a lime. It was delicious!

Trails and Ways came on at around 8:15pm. I was super hype. They opened with “Jacaranda,” one of the last singles released from Pathology.

The band also played some of my all time favorites, “Nunca,” “Tereza,” and “Say You Will.” When they played “Dream About Me,” Karina and I went nuts because we didn’t realize Ian Quirk was the one singing on that one when we heard it on the album. He is now my personal favorite of the band.

At one point during the show, Emma stopped to tell us about how she and Hannah went to buy fanny packs at a store in NYC that they had bought the same item from a few years ago.

“It’s basically like a pocket for your waist,” she said. Keith thanked her for that fashion update and kindly asked to move on.

Trails and Ways was amazing, and even though I was kind of saddened that they played their cover of “Sure Thing” instead of “Lost” for the encore, I absolutely loved the concert. They ended with “Vines” the last track on their latest album, (making the show’s ending even more melancholy than it needed to be).

Karina was all, “It’s not over, is it?”

Couldn’t have asked for a better night to celebrate my new 21+ concert-going life!

Photo Diary: Hofstra Fall Fest 2014


Oh, what a weekend September 19-21 was.

On Saturday, I attended the last Fall Festival at Hofstra that I will ever attend before becoming Hofstra alumni. The Vibe Live concert and carnival was a totally mind blowing trip through the 80s all the way to the future and back.

I took tons of photos to remember it by, so here’s a photo diary of the 2014 Hofstra Fall Festival and Vibe Live Carnival, featuring Rubix Qube, TLC, Matt & Kim and Janelle Monae!

Parade of Floats

This year, Hofstra student-run organizations created Disney-themed floats. Game of Thrones won first place!


Aladdin Float


Rockin’ those “Thank You” signs!


Our Fall Festival 2013 King and Queen, Justin and Rachel!


Mascots Kate and Willie, followed by the cheerleaders


Aladdin banner


Cinderella banner




The Princess and the Frog float. (Peep Emi in the red dress doing the Princess wave…)


Lion King float


Bollywood float


Frozen float!


Game of Thrones float (winning float!)

Student Performers

Imani Dance Ensemble and TransenDANCE tore up the stage following the Parade of Floats.


TransenDANCE! (Aja’s hair tho!)


Werk it, girl.



Vibe Live Concert and Carnival

This year’s lineup was insane. Rubix Qube, 80s cover band made us reminisce, TLC made us proud to be 90s kids, Matt & Kim reminded us how cool it is to be weird and Janelle Monae put the electric in Electric Lady. The carnival rides were super fun, especially the Swinger in the cool September breeze.


Video killed the radio star…


Yes, that’s supposed to be Cher in FISHNETS. Cue male stage hands with smartphone cameras.


I can imagine the person in that spacesuit melted from the heat. Honestly, that must have been torturous.


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…


T-boz is workin’ that blond side cut!


Omj I love Chilli ❤

Our 2014 Fall Festival King and Queen, George C. and Hanna K.!

Our 2014 Fall Festival King and Queen, George C. and Hanna K.!


Kim from Matt & Kim going batsh*t crazy and walking on the crowd.


I did NOT ride the Zipper. Not about that life after that Astoria carnival in June -_- (Peep Aja’s poofy hair :p)


The 2000! Wooooohooo!


Aja looks so futuristic while on the Swinger.


The moment we’d all been waiting for *squeels*


Tip on the tight rope…


I can has the cape, Mizz Monae?


This one’s for the lovers. (PrimeTime)


Electric Ladayyyyyyayayyyy!

I had way too much fun over the weekend. Why did it have to end?

Thank you, Hofstra University for bringing such awesome talent to homecoming over the past three years!

Capital Cities @ Pier 97 #Underwearness


Last night, Capital Cities turned Pier 97 into a Kangaroo Court.

On Twitter last week I found out that Capital Cities would be having a free concert at Pier 97 in NYC on August 6th. If you’ve read my Sunshine Award 2014 post, you’ll know that I’ve really been wanting to see them live. This was my chance, because the concert wasn’t 21+.

So I RSVP’d and freaked out when it said the first 500 would be guaranteed entry. I decided to run out of work to see if I’d make it anyway.

I’m so glad I did, because I had a blast.

The concert was sponsored by Depend, a brand of adult underwear for those with bladder illnesses. The hashtags for the event were #Underwearness and #DropYourPants.

That meant that you’d have to #DropYourPants and don a pair of adult diapers to get into the VIP area.


I was lucky enough to be let in to the VIP without doing so, thanks to Sebu Simonian who bargained with the security guards.

DJ Ruckus spinned some tracks for us while we waited for the show to start. He played hits like “Fancy” and “Turn Down For What” to get us all pumped.

Next up was some spoken word from Mighty Mike McGee. He shared some amazing love poems with us.

Then it was time for the #Underwearness fashion show.

PicsArt_1407421470462Incontinence never looked so sexy.

After we drooled over the hot models in adult diapers, Capital Cities took the stage.

The show opened with “Kangaroo Court.” Everybody went nuts, and the party was just getting started.

The band also played fan favorites “Origami,” “Farah Fawcett Hair,” and “I Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo.”

Sebu taught the crowd how to dance the “Capital Cities Shuffle” for the performance of “Centerstage.” They also let some of the VIP dance on stage with them!

The show ended with “One Minute More,” “Safe and Sound,” and a cover of Madonna’s “Holiday.”


During “Holiday,” Sebu, Ryan and Spencer came down into the crowd. I got to touch Ryan and Sebu!

As the band said goodnight, an awesome EDM version of “Safe and Sound” played while the models came back out to dance in their underwear.

I had an amazing time. Thanks so much for the free concert, Depend!


Hofstra Fall Fest 2013 and Aziz Ansari Comedy Show

Saturday, September 28th was a very exciting day at Hofstra University.

Fall Fest 2013

Even before the Fall 2013 semester began, there were rumors that Ke$ha would be performing at the Vibe Live concert on campus for homecoming.

I can imagine how happy Hofstra students were when Entertainment Unlimited finally released the full lineup.

As a commuter, of course the first thing that caught my eye that day was all of the cars parked in places that student cars don’t usually park. I was starting to worry that the shuttle wasn’t going to be able to let me exit at Hofstra USA to get my wristband.

Parade of Floats, Carnival, and Vibe Live

The day kicked off with the Parade of Floats, led by Kate and Willie Pride, the school mascots.


Following them were the lovely cheerleaders, the nominees for homecoming King and Queen, and the movie themed floats.






Later on during the festival, Justin Smith of Pennsylvania was crowned King and Rachel Elizabeth of Texas was crowned Queen.

Over on the intramural fields, the 2000 ride caught my eye. My friend Jessica was so determined to ride it as soon as we were allowed to enter at 2pm.

IMAG2545Jessica was the first to start screaming when the ride started to spin around in circles on a different axis after every 20 seconds or so. Chad and Mrs. Johnson were also screaming like mad, and I could not stop laughing.

After 2000, we went on the swings, hoping that we wouldn’t fly out and end up on the south side of campus.


On the Swings
Front (l-r): Chad and Jessica
Back (l-r): Me and Mrs. Johnson
Photo Credit:  Jessica Johnson

The Vibe Live concert began with cover band Bon Journey.

If you haven’t already figured it out, they sing covers of Bon Jovi and Journey songs.

The lead singer had some trouble hitting the high notes. At times it sounded as if he were screaming.

Their cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” was very well orchestrated.

Next up on the lineup: Sugar Ray.

Cue moment when everyone born circa 1990 realizes that they’ve probably heard these songs before somewhere.

Lead singer Mark McGrath is so silly.

“You see this ring?” he said right before the band performed “Fly.”

“This is the no fun ring,” he said, referring to the band on his third finger.

I mean, if that’s how you feel after being married to beautician Carin Kingsland for only a year then…

And to the people in the crowd next to Jessica dancing in circles around a folded sweater:


After Sugar Ray, DJ Whatever tried very hard to stall until Ms. Kesha Rose Sebert decided she was ready to sing her little heart out for all of us Hofstrans.

The crowd danced to the “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO and the ancient folk song “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” circa Civil War.

I stopped the shenanigans when DJ Whatever decided to try to make us dance to “Gangnam Style.”

If you were on a blanket in the grass, I hope you danced. In the crowd, no. I’m not going to try riding an invisible horse when I have fourteen people breathing down my neck in desperation for Ke$ha.


Ke$ha at Hofstra Vibe Live 2013
Photo Credit: Jessica Johnson

Ke$ha opened her performance galactic style with “Warrior,” the song that she named her 2012 album after.


Ke$sha Performing “Warrior”

Other songs she performed included “Crazy Kids,” “Tik Tok,” “We R Who We R” and “Blow.”

Ke$ha Performing "Take it Off"

Ke$ha Performing “Take it Off”

For “Blah, Blah, Blah,” Ke$ha brought two special dancers onto the stage.

“You know, I have a fetish,” she said before bringing two ginormous eyeballs out for the crowd.

Ke$ha Performing "Blah, Blah, Blah"

Ke$ha Performing “Blah, Blah, Blah”

I can’t lie, Ms. Sebert, I like balls too.

She brought her mom onto the stage during the show, and even filmed some of her MTV documentary, My Crazy Beautiful Life.

Don’t even bother trying to find my face in the crowd when that airs. I’m way to short to be seen in that massive array of insanity.

After an encore, Ke$ha closed the Vibe Live concert with “Die Young.” The confetti cannons exploded everywhere.

When I got home that night, three pieces of the red confetti fell out of my shirt.

Way to go guys. I took your mess home with me.

After all the festivities and fireworks, it was time for some serious comedy with Aziz Ansari at the Mack Exhibition Complex.

Aziz Ansari, “Out Loud” Comedy Show, Dangerously Delicious Tour


Yes, the guy that plays Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation. No, Amy Phoeler did not get up on stage with him.

This guy actually got one of the VIP floor seated members to let him read her text messages.

The bar at Dizzy’s better have paid for that advertisement. Now we all know she invited a guy to one of the three bars on the strip.

On a night when those “girls was loooooooooose!”

aziz ansari

If there’s anything I’ll take from Aziz’s comedy show it was this: stop being so rude.

If you meet someone and they take your contact information, what are you going to do when they message or call you?

You can keep making excuses. You can lie to them. You can even get them to actually believe that read receipt you got at 8:49am was a Facebook glitch.

Or you can just be honest.


Fall Fest 2013 was a blast. And so was Aziz Ansari.

Westboro Baptist Church Calls Taylor Swift a Whore

taylor swift

Where do I even begin with this?

Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas has made plans to picket Taylor Swift’s concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on August 3rd, 2013.


Because according to a press release from the church, “@TaylorSwift13 works her ‘girl next door’ country-singer shtick, while hopping from one young man to the next and strutting across the world stage like a proud whore.”

In an interview with RadarOnline, Ben Phelps, the grandson of  the group’s leader, stated, “This girl is a whore. Who else is gonna say that if it’s not the church of the Lord Jesus? She’s coming into our backyard. We’re gonna go preach to her.”

Oh, and that’s not the end of it. Apparently its Taylor’s job to preach to her followers.

Phelps goes on to say that Taylor Swift pretends to be a “good Christian, but she’s not.” According to him, Taylor should use her influence to “promote the standards of God,” to young girls instead of “whoredom, fornication … that filthy lifestyle.”

Ok now, they just went WAY too far.

As a Christian and a Taylor Swift fan, this really boils my blood.

Taylor Swift is the last celebrity I would even think of associating with whorish, filthy behavior.

That’s actually one of the reasons why I love her so much. Taylor Swift isn’t one to behave in such ways.

When was the last time you heard about Taylor Swift in the tabloids for reckless driving or crazy partying?


Since she doesn’t live “la vida loca”, the media needs to write something about Taylor Swift, so they just pick on her love life. Because that’s her only fault: the fact that she hasn’t been able to settle with someone for long term.

So what? That doesn’t make her a whore. As a matter of fact, if I’m not mistaken, the reason why she hasn’t been able to settle with one guy long term is because she won’t give it up!

Isn’t that the opposite of a whore? Last time I checked it was.

Back in January, when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up, the tabloids speculated that it was because she’s a prude.

A source revealed that “Harry found Taylor a little sexually uninterested.”

The same source also stated, “What Taylor doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

I honestly don’t understand how being a prude is synonymous to being a whore. I thought those two words were considered antonyms.

I think Taylor Swift is a wonderful human being. From the way she dresses to the way she carries herself, she is a wonderful role model. Her fans can learn a lot from her just by watching the way she lives her life.

Westboro needs to get their facts straight. Pull out a dictionary before you start going around calling people whores.

And while you’re at it Westboro, here’s a cherry to put on top of your little Sundae:

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.” – Matthew 7:1, NLT

Now eat it. And leave Taylor alone!!