Fan Art Fridays: #FreeKesha

kesha fan art

Spreading some love to Kesha Rose Sebert for this week’s Fan Art Fridays.

I remember when Kesha came to perform Hofstra University for the Fall Fest. I was in my junior year on that Saturday night in September 2013 when she opened the show with “Warrior.”

That night was a blast. I went home with three pieces of the confetti from her set in my blouse.

I don’t think anyone in that crowd on the intramural fields felt anything off about her, much less her performance. One thing I do remember her telling us all to “be ourselves, unapologetically.”

So now it’s time for us to allow Kesha to be herself, the “Warrior” that she is, unapologetically.

In honor of the fight to free Kesha from her contract with Dr. Luke, I’ve chosen this beautiful fan art by AngelasPortraits on Deviant Art. Every detail in this piece of art, down to the freckles on Kesha’s face, combine to sketch the perfect portrait of a true warrior.

View the original fan art here.

Gallery Mondays: ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ Exhibit @ Hofstra’s Filderman Gallery


Since I graduated from Hofstra University in December, I didn’t go back to school last week, and I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic.

I visited the David Filderman Gallery at Hofstra for a news writing class assignment during the fall of 2013, and there I found some of the most beautiful Japanese ladies in the Land of the Rising Sun: Art of Japan exhibit.

I just love their intricate kimonos and hair styles. I would never be able to put sticks in my hair and make it look that good!

Learn more about the exhibit here.

Gallery Mondays: Broken Blue Angry Birds Vase @ Hofstra’s Emily Lowe Gallery

angry birds art

Feast your eyes on a broken vase from an exhibit called Past Traditions/New Voices in Asian Art, showcased at Hofstra University’s Emily Lowe Gallery during the fall of 2014.

The exhibit was a mixture of the old and the new (as the name of the exhibition suggests), with pieces ranging from a canvas of mock Chinese calligraphy (which was actually written in a Latin alphabet), to Ai Weiwiei’s “Grapes.”

Oh, and if you were wondering about the drawings on the vase then yes, those are definitely Angry Birds.

I couldn’t help thinking about a parallel universe where someone sling shot an Angry Bird at a vase, inspiring Jiha Moon‘s broken ceramic vase.

Learn more about the exhibit and the vase here.

Photo Diary: I Graduated!


I’ve waited 16 years of my life for this moment.

On Sunday, December 21st, 2014, I walked proudly across the stage for my Bachelor’s degree in journalism. At 20 years old, I’m a happy little lady!

I was lucky enough to find two of my fellow journalism colleagues, DJ and Tatiana, before the commencement ceremony began, so we got to sit together for the 2 1/2 hour long shebang.

L-R: Tatiana, me, and DJ at the commencement ceremony.

After the ceremony, I took some fun pics with my friends and family.

manpreet and me

Manpreet, a math major, and I.

dj elisa and me

L-R: Me, DJ, and Elisa, a journalism major graduating in May 2015!

dj and I

I should have made a funny face too, but DJ didn’t warn me!


L-R: My godmother, me, my mom, and my aunt.


My dad and I. Wouldn’t let him that close to my face any other day.


Mascot Kate Hofstra and I!


I can’t say I’m not going to miss Hofstra. I’ll miss everything about that campus, from the people I met, to the froyo at the campus’ Red Mango, all the way down to the Hofstra kitties.


So long, Hofstra, and to my fellow colleagues graduating in the spring of 2015, I wish you all the best!


Brief Chat With Hofstra’s 2014 Homecoming Queen Hanna Knuuttunen

TV production major Hanna Knuuttunen, 21, was crowned Homecoming Queen at Hofstra’s Fall Festival in September.

Hofstra University’s Homecoming Queen Hanna Knuuttunen is ready to head back to her hometown in Sandown, New Hampshire for the Thanksgiving holiday. The 21-year-old TV production major and drama minor just landed an internship with Sesame Workshop’s Domestic TV Distribution Department, which she’s excited to begin in January 2015.

I got to catch up with Hanna on campus to talk about the Fall Showcase, her post-grad plans and where she keeps that gorgeous crown.

Me: Where are you from?
Hannah Knuuttunen: I’m from Sandown, New Hampshire, a very small New Hampshire town.

Me: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
HK: Passionate, motivated and genuine.

Me: Are you involved in any campus clubs?
HK: I’m the president of Alpha Phi, and I’m also the president of Sigma’capella, which is a co-ed a capella group. I’m an RA in the Netherlands Hall and I’m in She’s the First.

Me: What did your friends and family say when you told them you were going to be part of the showcase?
HK: They were very excited for me. They were all very supportive as well and super excited to see what I came up with. My mom was constantly calling me and was like “Oh, so did you decide what you’re doing? You need to get it on video to show me!”

Me: Did you think you were going to win? At what point did you feel that you could actually win Homecoming Queen?
HK: I was so nervous the entire time. I had no idea. It was great because I feel like every girl that was up on stage is a leader in so many different things on campus and we’re all so unique. So it could of been any one of us. During the showcase I had such a blast and I had a huge group of friends that came out to support me so that made me feel a little more comfortable. But until the second my name was called I had no clue.

Me: What went through your mind when the crown was being placed on your head?
HK: I just couldn’t stop smiling! It was so exciting. It was President Stuart Rabinowitz that crowned me so I was like ‘This is so cool.’ It’s such an incredible honor to be Homecoming Queen at Hofstra. It’s something that you should really cherish and be honored that it happened to you because it means that you’re involved and you’re respected by not only your peers, but administration. I was happy that everyone was supporting me and it was such a great moment. Definitely one of the best moments so far.

Me: Where do you put the crown when you’re not wearing it?
HK: I have a bookshelf in my room, and one of my residents actually came in and re-did my bookshelf and set my crown and sash. She made a pretty display for it so it’s just sitting on the bookshelf.

Me: What do you like to do for fun?
HK: I love theater. I like singing, dancing and acting. I live for that. Anything to do with performing really. I just love being able to be in front of people and talking to people and making them laugh or whatever it may be. I love writing scripts. Like, one act plays. Not necessarily stories or essays, but I love creating dialogue.

Me: What’s your favorite film?
HK: I love West Side Story. That might be a classic for me.

Me: What are your plans after graduating in May?
HK: I want to travel. I would love to take a year off and just go everywhere I can and not have a set plan. Like, just save up and go to one place and take a plane to the next place and just keep going. It’s gonna be a lot of money. I’d have to save but that would be the dream. I would also love to go to grad school, potentially, or just work in the city.

Me: Who is your female role model?
HK: This is probably so cliché, but definitely my mom. She’s the reason that I’m the person that I am today because every single thing I’ve done, every club, group or rehearsal I’ve had since I was in elementary school, she’s supported me through and she’s been the thing that always keeps me going. If I’m upset about something she’s the one to remind me why I’m here doing what I do and why I can achieve whatever I’m trying to achieve. She is, without a doubt, the reason I have accomplished anything that I’ve accomplished.

Me: What is your life motto?
HK: I actually got this from a fortune cookie once, and I wrote about it in an essay: You can’t have a beautiful ending without making a few beautiful mistakes.


Check out some of Hanna’s work below!

For the fall 2014 semester of Hofstra’s television show For Your Island:
Ace Handicraft
Spirit Ironworks
Island Pottery & Studio
Martial Arfs

There’s Nothing Holy About Starbucks
Hopping to the Top (credited as actress)

Photo Diary: Danceworks Fall 2014 Concert

danceworks cover

Friday, November 7th, was a night of sexy, glamorous Hofstra Danceworks entertainment. The school dance club put on a show for us all at the John C. Adams Playhouse as part of their annual Fall Concert.

I still don’t understand how they pull off such amazing choreography. Some of the members, such Nicole Marinucci, are double majors at Hofstra.

When do they find time to rehearse?!

The program for Friday night included hip-hop, tap, contemporary and more.

I really wish I could have gone to Saturday’s show as well!

Anyway, I took a few photos at the show, so enjoy!

The first number was impeccably "***Flawless."

The first number was impeccably “***Flawless.”


Perfect sync.

Perfect sync.

Such a fun tap routine to Sylvan Esso's "Dress"

Such a fun tap routine to Sylvan Esso’s “Dress”

These girls need to go on tour with Michael Buble for "Feeling Good."

These girls need to go on tour with Michael Buble for “Feeling Good.”

Oh, they're definitely gonna be "Big Stars..."

More than just entertained! #awestruck

The guys did so well in this one!

The guys did so well in this one!

"Love Shack" never gets old.

“Love Shack” never gets old.

They danced to one of my favorite songs, "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap!

They danced to one of my favorite songs, “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap!

Danceworks delivered. Big time. Best dance entertainment I’ve seen since I started at Hofstra. I will definitely be attending the spring show in 2015!

Photo Diary: Hofstra Fall Fest 2014


Oh, what a weekend September 19-21 was.

On Saturday, I attended the last Fall Festival at Hofstra that I will ever attend before becoming Hofstra alumni. The Vibe Live concert and carnival was a totally mind blowing trip through the 80s all the way to the future and back.

I took tons of photos to remember it by, so here’s a photo diary of the 2014 Hofstra Fall Festival and Vibe Live Carnival, featuring Rubix Qube, TLC, Matt & Kim and Janelle Monae!

Parade of Floats

This year, Hofstra student-run organizations created Disney-themed floats. Game of Thrones won first place!


Aladdin Float


Rockin’ those “Thank You” signs!


Our Fall Festival 2013 King and Queen, Justin and Rachel!


Mascots Kate and Willie, followed by the cheerleaders


Aladdin banner


Cinderella banner




The Princess and the Frog float. (Peep Emi in the red dress doing the Princess wave…)


Lion King float


Bollywood float


Frozen float!


Game of Thrones float (winning float!)

Student Performers

Imani Dance Ensemble and TransenDANCE tore up the stage following the Parade of Floats.


TransenDANCE! (Aja’s hair tho!)


Werk it, girl.



Vibe Live Concert and Carnival

This year’s lineup was insane. Rubix Qube, 80s cover band made us reminisce, TLC made us proud to be 90s kids, Matt & Kim reminded us how cool it is to be weird and Janelle Monae put the electric in Electric Lady. The carnival rides were super fun, especially the Swinger in the cool September breeze.


Video killed the radio star…


Yes, that’s supposed to be Cher in FISHNETS. Cue male stage hands with smartphone cameras.


I can imagine the person in that spacesuit melted from the heat. Honestly, that must have been torturous.


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…


T-boz is workin’ that blond side cut!


Omj I love Chilli ❤

Our 2014 Fall Festival King and Queen, George C. and Hanna K.!

Our 2014 Fall Festival King and Queen, George C. and Hanna K.!


Kim from Matt & Kim going batsh*t crazy and walking on the crowd.


I did NOT ride the Zipper. Not about that life after that Astoria carnival in June -_- (Peep Aja’s poofy hair :p)


The 2000! Wooooohooo!


Aja looks so futuristic while on the Swinger.


The moment we’d all been waiting for *squeels*


Tip on the tight rope…


I can has the cape, Mizz Monae?


This one’s for the lovers. (PrimeTime)


Electric Ladayyyyyyayayyyy!

I had way too much fun over the weekend. Why did it have to end?

Thank you, Hofstra University for bringing such awesome talent to homecoming over the past three years!