Top 3 #SuperBowl50 Commercials

super bowl 50 commercials

I’m going to be totally honest here: Super Bowl 50 was lacking in the advertising department.

Last year I picked 5 favorites because there were so many good ones to choose from. This time I was barely able to get a solid three commercials for this list! What’s going on in creative, ad agencies of the world? Coldplay catch you cold? (Halftime was awesome btw!)

Here are the three Super Bowl 50 commercials that I am looking forward to seeing over the next month or so in between television shows:

1. Amazon Echo. Leave it to Alec Baldwin to be the jerk that commands a robot and also commands Marino to stop dancing. I love Alec anyway, jerkiness and all 😉 Also, Missy Elliot was a great addition to this commercial.

2. Doritos. I would NOT be able to keep my cool if a dog showed up at my register dressed like that while I was in retail.

3. Hyundai. Do you know how mind-blowing it was to see this commercial after watching Selfless 24 hours beforehand? SOMEBODY TAKE ME TO RYANVILLE.

Which Super Bowl 50 commercials were your faves? Leave a comment below!

Play Up Your Eye Makeup for Super Bowl 50

super bowl 50 makeup

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

For me, the Super Bowl is a chance to enjoy hilarious new commercials and a musical performance. To others, it means getting decked out in your favorite team’s football jersey.

And for the makeup obsessed, it means playing around with your favorite football team’s colors to create a fun look!

The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers are gonna play a fierce game tonight, and your makeup is definitely going to match that fierceness once you find some inspiration from the tutorials below.

Denver Broncos

ChristinaKisses on YouTube put together a super stellar cat eye using Denver Bronco’s signature bright orange color for eyeshadow and a deep blue gel liner. Add some fake lashes and you’re all set!

Carolina Panthers

Lisa Her dolled herself up in this YouTube tutorial using a gorgeous bright Carolina Panthers blue eyeshadow color, a black smoky eye, and a little shimmering silver above the lash line. The super long cat eye screams Panthers.

As many of you know I’m not really a sports fan, but I do love the Manning brothers so I’m rooting for the Denver Broncos tonight. #SorryNotSorry.

What team are you rooting for? Leave a comment below!

February Favorites: Kanye West’s Super Bowl Face, Lady Gaga’s Engagement & #TheDress

February Faves

February was short, but it most definitely wasn’t short on entertainment and pop culture news. This month had the some amazing TV episodes and music, making me extremely excited about what’s to come in later on this year!

Here are my favorite things in pop culture and entertainment for the month of February:

Favorite News Articles

1. Kanye Super Bowl face. Is this his “I’m annoyed” or his “I’m pissed” face?

2. Lady Gaga is engaged! To all the men who feel pressure to buy a ring just as amazing as the one Taylor Kinney got for Lady Gaga, well…I don’t know what to tell you…

3. #TheDress. How did this even become a thing? And, more importantly, how can anyone be seeing white in this dress?!

4. Selena Gomez tried to pronounce Zedd’s last name. Priceless.

5. #Mugabefalls. This is so messed up but it’s hilarious!

Favorite Music

1. “I’m a Ruin” by Marina and the Diamonds. I am ready to devour FROOT. So ready. HURRY UP MARCH 16th!

2. “The Line” by Seoul. I expect to see the music video for this soon, thank you.

3. “I Want You To Know” by Zedd feat. Selena Gomez. They’re adorbs and so is this song.

4. “Nothing But a Heartbeat” by Say Lou Lou. Those “oooh ahhs” in the beginning get me every time.

5. “Undiscovered” by Laura Welsh. The Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack is spectacular, and this song is no exception.

6. “One Last Night” by Vaults. Another amazing song off the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack. The violins. The emotion. My heart.

7. “What Kind of Man” by Florence + the Machine. What kind of man? A very masochistic one, Florence. Love the song, but the video is too much to handle. The concept was very well thought out, though.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. JLo and Chris Pine at the Oscars. My gosh, that dress is freaking gorgeous!

2. Logan Paul Hollywood. Kim Jong Un just had to photobomb this one.

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I HAD TO 😂😂😂

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3. Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Tattoo. Such an amazing Super Bowl performance, and definitely one to ink on the finger!

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4. St. Lucia’s new album is coming. And it needs to hurry up. These teaser photos are killing me!

5. PLL Season 6! It’s happening. Which means the torment isn’t over for us fans. Sigh. 

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Feels like the first day of school.

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Favorite TV Episodes

1. Castle, “The Wrong Stuff”. This episode stars Jane By Design‘s Ben (Jane’s older brother, played by David Clayton Rogers) and he’s uber serious on Castle, which was both interesting to see and hard to get adjusted to.

2. New Girl, “Spiderhunt”. I feel you on that spider fear, Schmidt. And Nick with Cece?! No. NONO.

3. Pretty Little Liars, “Bloody Hell”. How could Ezra just let Aria run free to kiss other guys? Like, excuse me, she’s yours! Stahp this madness!

4. The Mindy Project, “No More Mr. Noishe Guy”. The water break in the wall foreshadowed this pregnancy and it was a brilliant. Watching this unfold is going to be mind blowing.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battle featuring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. That Beyoncé number from Will Ferrell was everything.

2. Colleen B. and Ricky Dillon play Cards Against Humanity. The next Happy Meal toy should not be decided upon by Ricky Dillon. Just sayin’.

3. PJ’s firsts. Urglegrew. URGLEGREW.

Goodbye February. Hello, March. Don’t be too much of a lion…

Best Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

super bowl commericals

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that the only reason I watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials. And halftime.

Halftime with Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliot was spectacular. The commercials? Well, they didn’t really live up to my expectations this year.

There were a few, though, that I really enjoyed. Here are my top 5 favorite commercials that aired during Super Bowl XLIX:

1. T-Mobile. This commercial was really hyped up in the days leading to Super Bowl Sunday, and Kim Kardashian definitely delivered.

2. Nationwide. Mindy Kaling. Matt Damon. They had me hook, line and sinker.

3. Esurance. The extended version of this commercial is “kind of like” everything right now. I’m not even a Breaking Bad fan and I loved it!

4. Loctite. Can we have a tutorial for this choreography please?

5. Fiat. Oh. My. Gosh. This was the best of all the Super Bowl 2015 commercials. Freaking brilliant, that little blue pill!

I really hope they play more of these 5 and less of the not so good commercials over the next few weeks.