Got It On Vinyl: ‘Black Sun’ by Gold Fields

Happy Record Store Day!

I hope those of you that went out to your favorite record stores found some new treasures to listen to.

Be sure to check out the first installment of Got In On Vinyl, which features Black Sun by Gold Fields!

See ya next month with another record ūüéĶ

Fall 2015 Halloween Dance Party Playlist


If you’ve been tasked with creating this year’s Halloween party playlist and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, it’s time to sit back and take a listen to a few tracks that will definitely get your guests on their feet. From electronic dance to dark pop, this Halloween party playlist is going to have your party pumpin’ blood (no, not really…at least I hope not…).

Below are 17 tracks that I’ve curated to spookify your Halloweekend 2015. Enjoy!

1. Paralyzed, Mystery Skulls: Try not to become paralyzed by the first costumed guy or girl you come in contact with at the party(ies) you attend this weekend.

2. Maneater, Nelly Furtado:¬†Let’s stay away from the maneaters in the room for the night, shall we?

3. Blue Jeans, Lana Del Rey (Gesaffelstein Remix): This one goes out to the wallflowers in the room.

4. Doomsday, NERO: Feel that heavy synth pumping through your bloodstream.

5. Afterburner, Futurecop! feat. Renegade: Do you feel that eeriness in the intro?

6. Feed Me Diamonds, MNDR (RAC Remix):¬†If you’re going to be eating anything that night let it be anything but actual diamonds. We don’t need any real paramedics showing up at the party, please and thank you.

7. Houdini, Foster the People (RAC Mix):¬†“Sometimes I wanna disappear…”

8. Teeth, Lady Gaga: All those in Lady Gaga inspired costumes please rise to this occasion.

9. Afraid of the Dark, MKTO:¬†It’s okay to be afraid of the dark. Just dance the fear away.

10. Don’t Move, Phantogram:¬†Are you going to obey Phantogram’s command to “keep your body still”?

11. Yellow Flicker Beat, Lorde:¬†Try out some of Lorde’s infamous dance moves on the dance floor. Tonight it will be totally cool, I promise.

12. In the Dark, Dev:¬†Just keep on “dancin’ in the dark.”

13. Ragdoll, Ashlee Simpson:¬†Don’t you dare let anyone throw you around, even if you’re dressed up as a ragdoll for the night.

14. Dancing With Your Ghost, Cazzette feat. Sterling Fox:¬†I hope this is a friendly ghost you’re dancing with for this number…¬†

15. Here, Alessia Cara:¬†I’ll tell you what you’re doing here. You’re here to¬†dance.

16. Road Trip, Darius: Time to slow things down with a little bit of Darius.

17. Ghost Town, Adam Lambert:¬†Is your heart feeling like a “ghost town” yet?

Have a happy and safe Halloweekend 2015!

2014’s Best in Music

2014 music

2014 was another amazing year for music. So many new artists came onto the scene and killed it! This year’s list includes not only albums, but EPs and official motion picture soundtracks as well. And, of course,¬†Taylor Swift’s¬†1989¬†would be on this list under the song “Wildest Dreams,” but she pulled her music from Spotify and I don’t want any holes in the playlist.

In no particular order, here are my 25 picks for the best songs, albums, and artists of 2014:

1. “I Should’ve Guessed” ft. Speak, RAC, Strangers Part II:¬†There’s just something about that light pizzicato in the chorus. It gets me every time.

2. “Speeding,” LIGHTS, Little Machines:¬†LIGHTS, we don’t want you to stay still. Keep speeding, girl.

3. “Mind Over Matter,” Young the Giant, Mind Over Matter:¬†Don’t shake the world too hard now,¬†Sameer Gadhia.

4. “Are You What You Wanna Be?,” Foster the People,¬†Supermodel:¬†Questions to ask yourself in the new year…

5. “I Want It All,” Karmin, Pulses:¬†Amy and Nick need to go elope already.

6. “I Need You,” M83, Divergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:¬†So many amazing songs on this soundtrack, and M83 did fantastic job with this ballad.


7. “Freakin’ Me Out,” The Ready Set, The Bad & The Better:¬†The song itself won’t freak you out. I promise.

8. “Feelings,” Maroon 5, V:¬†I’ve got some¬†feelings¬†about Adam Levine’s falsetto…

9. “Dust Clears” ft. Noonie Bao, Clean Bandit, New Eyes:¬†This song was my alarm tone¬†all summer. Noonie Bao adds some serious sass to this tune, and I just can’t get enough!

10. “Runaway,” Ed Sheeran, x:¬†Just don’t run away without releasing and¬†√∑,¬†Teddy.

11. “Happy Little Pill,” Troye Sivan, Happy Little Pill: Mr. Sivan, you’ve done your fans proud, YouTube and beyond.

12. “Stay With Us,” Seoul, Magestic Casual 2:¬†As long as Majestic Casual releases another mix album, I’ll stay. Keeping a close eye on Seoul as well!

13. “Run-Time,” Imogen Heap, Sparks:¬†Imogen Heap can do no wrong.

14. “Together” ft. Gwen Stefani, Calvin Harris, Motion: Honesty time. Every time the bridge comes around I fall into a state of utter bliss and whisper, One day…”.

15. “Simple and Sweet,” Jon Bellion, The Definition:¬†Jon Bellion was a very pleasant surprise this year. He’s got a very nice balance between philosophical and impulsive creativity on this album.

16. “Roses,” Angus &¬†Julia Stone, Angus &¬†Julia Stone:¬†Hearing “Roses” for the first time made my heart skip a beat. Indietronica! YES, PLEASE.

17. “This is Not a Game,” The Chemical Brothers ft.¬†Miguel, The¬†Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I OST:¬†It most definitely is¬†not¬†a game, guys. Lorde, this soundtrack is sheer brilliance.

18. “Little Bit More” – Bodhi Remix, Bo Saris, Bondax & Friends – The Mix Album:¬†Can I just take a moment to thank Bondax and their friends for this stellar mix album?

19. “Young Love,” Jesse McCartney, In Technicolor:¬†Jesse McCartney brought some lovely color to the music scene this year.

20. “Teacher,” Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas:¬†My Jonas fever will never die for this one…

21. “Espoir,” Darius, Romance: “Espoir” is French for¬†“hopeless.” Darius might be hopelessly in love, but I have high hopes for his music.

22. “Why” ft. Nate Salman, Le Sins, Michael: “Wanna go there?” Chaz Bundick and Nate Salman take you there on this track. Still trying to figure out who¬†Michael¬†is though…

23. “Vanilla Chocolat” ft. Connect-R, Alexandra Stan,¬†Unlocked:¬†This Romanian beauty took all the romance languages she could find and used them to connect with her fans on this album.¬†All¬†the vanilla chocolates for you, my darling…

24. “Shot Me Down” ft. Skylar Grey, David Guetta,¬†Listen:¬†David Guetta demanded that we listen, and listen we did. And Skylar Grey, don’t let ’em shoot you down.

25. “Two Bodies” ft. Emma Louise, Flight Facilities, Down to Earth:¬†Emma Louise, your voice is precious. Flight Facilities, your rhythms capture the essence of life’s absurd conundrums. And Rod Sterling, thank you for inspiring the glorious intro portion of “Two Bodies.”


Happy New Year, everyone!

Winter 2014 Hibernation Playlist

Looks like the animals won’t be the only ones hibernating this winter.

Today is the day I walk across the stage with Hofstra pride to accept my Bachelor’s degree in journalism. And after today I’ll be catching up on all the sleep I’ve missed over the passed 16 years for waking up early to go to school.

Here are 14 dreamy tunes for you to fall asleep to this winter.

1. Feel It All Around, Washed Out:¬†This track is a category five chiller. It’s so chill, you can even feel the winter chillwaves “all around yourself.”

2. The Zone, The Weeknd ft. Drake: These two will put you in the perfect zone to sink your head into that pillow and drift off onto cloud nine.

3. Tendency (Satin Jackets Remix), Estate and Liquid Pegasus:¬†You have a tendency to fall asleep when you’re not supposed to, but this track will make you fall asleep when you¬†need¬†to.

4. Glowing in the Dark (Remix), Cider Sky: This song has the perfect bell-sounding synth to lull you right to sleep.

5. Mess I Made, Parachute:¬†So you’ve made a mess of your sleep schedule. It’s okay. This song will get you back on track.

6. Sarah,¬†R√úF√úS DU SOL: Let the somber vibe of this track put all your sadness to rest so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

7. Favorite Sound, Wilhelm Tell Me: You most definitely will not be “waking up through blurry eyes” tomorrow morning, but this might become your favorite sound.

8. Decorate, Yuna: Let Yuna’s voice decorate your brain with sweet thoughts of blissful slumber.

9. Marching Bands of Manhattan, Death Cab for Cutie: The only thing that’s going to drown is your feeling of constant drowsiness.

10. Dumbing Down of Love, Imogen Heap: Let this lovely British lady sing you a lullaby as you drift away from it all.

11. Sixteen, RAC: The interlude to your dreams awaits you.

12. Silhouette, Active Child ft. Ellie Goulding: Surround yourself with the angelic ambience of Active Child and Ellie Goulding.

13. Quiet Life, Stwo: Time for some piece and quiet.

14. 12, The 1975: This is the last call. The angels of sleep have come to take you away.

Have a healthy and well rested winter 2014!

Album Review: Young the Giant’s ‘Mind Over Matter’

Mind Over Matter

Alternative band Young the Giant is back with a new album titled Mind Over Matter, which was released on January 21st, 2014.

“This record is kind of like chronicling our battles in the last couple of years,” says Sameer Gadhia in the “Young the Giant: The Making Of Mind Over Matter” video.

Said battles can be heard loud and clear on this album, with its bittersweet and triumphant sounding instrumentals. Coupled with Gadhia’s vocals, which have very distinct story-telling quality to them, Mind Over Matter easily becomes an album to fall in love with.

The intro to the album is a 48 second track titled “Slow Dive” which features a beautiful crescendo of soft violins and bell sounding instruments.

It’s About Time” and “Crystallized” are currently the two singles on the album. While “Crystallized” is very somber with slow guitar, piano, and synth melodies, “It’s About Time” is very loud, fast paced, and danceable with strong electric guitar and drum beats.

“Teachers” is another fast paced song on the album with similar qualities to “It’s About Time.”

“Firelight,” “Camera,” “Waves,” and “Paralysis” are the tear inducing ballads on this album. “Camera” is particularly interesting because of the abrupt beat change at around 1:20.

The tracks I loved the most on this album were the ones with striking lyrics, those being “Anagram,” “Mind Over Matter,” “Daydreamer,” “In My Home” and “Eros.”

The chorus in “Anagram” is simply genius. The song is about a guy who just wishes he could figure out the meaning of his relationship with the person who’s playing games with his heart. The first part of the chorus goes,

I’m just a messenger man
It’s the last time around
One of these days I wish you were
A hologram […]

It’s as if the relationship itself is a scrambled word play that he can’t figure out. Even though this seems like something one would be upset about, the medium tempo of the chorus makes it sound playful, adding to the anagram word play aspect of the song.

“Mind Over Matter,” the song the album is named after, is my absolute favorite on the album. I love the second half of the chorus where Gadhia sings “And when the seasons change / Will you stand by me? /’Cause I’m a young man built to fall.” After that last line he let’s out a beautiful falsetto “oooh,” which makes my heart melt with all the vulnerability packed in this one song.

“Eros,” which I would assume is named after the Greek god of love, is filled with vivid imagery, my favorite being the line “I want to dance, and I’m not dancing alone.”

“In My Home,” comes across as a powerful anthem, especially where Gadhia sings “Well, I know I was born for this / Every night I dreamt of it.” The song is a wonderful rendition of self-realization and empowerment.

And the last of my favorites, “Daydreamer” I love for two reasons, one being that I am the biggest daydreamer and the second the song’s heartfelt lyrics. “For you I would steal time,” is the one line of the song that resonates with me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mind Over Matter. It’s melodies are very soft and soothing, give or take a few tracks. There’s something very relatable about this album, which can potentially draw a lot of listeners to it.

WRHU 88.7 FM Hofstra University


This lovely Monday I spent some time at the radio station WRHU 88.7 at my school, Hofstra University. Autumn and Alex were there hosting Alternative Nation, a segment that plays alternative rock songs from artists such as Sixpence None the Richer, Breaking Benjamin, and my favorite, Neon Trees.

They played some really good stuff while I was there. I sat at the table and jammed out to “It’s My Life” and “Do You Really Love Me?” by No Doubt, and the amazing “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay. They even let me request a song! Watch here.

Clearly I had a good time.

Autumn, a broadcast journalism major at Hofstra who helps out with the show “Alternative Nation” every other Monday from 11am-1pm, let me interview her when the show was over. She’s such a sweetheart. Watch the interview here!

WRHU serves the Long Island, NYC, and Conneticut areas. It is home to the New York Islanders Hockey, and of course, Hofstra Pride sports teams.

The station is known for being the leader in development of multimedia, new media, and diverging media platforms. It is Long Island’s largest radio news station team.

WRHU hosts a variety of shows and segments, including “HMWC” (Hofstra Morning Wake Up Call), “Off the Charts”, “Political Seance”, “Jazz Cafe”, “Polka and Oberek”, “R&B Serenade”, “Dead Zone”, “Women’s Show”, “The Locker Room” and more.

WRHU can be streamed online or via iPhone app. To listen online click for PC or Mac. For the iPhone app click here.

WRHU 88.7 allows students to sign up for a training program in order to help out with the station and/or create their own radio show. A few of my friends have participated in the 10-week training course, and they do not regret having taken it one bit!

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If you’re a musician, you can send your music in and they might play it on the air! Send submissions to:

WRHU Music Director
111 Hofstra University
127 Dempster Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549