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Guest Blog: Simply Melissy Brings Her Favorite Characters to Life

Is New York Fashion Week causing you to want to try your hand at making and designing clothes? Melissa from Simply Melissy is a writer and sewing teacher who creates beautiful gingermelon dolls and clothes for her favorite characters! Read on to learn about her work and how she can help you create your very own designs for dolls and other characters you love!
sewing simply melissy

We all have a favorite character from our childhood. With so many old favorites being brought back to life in the 21st-century Age of the Media, it’s harder than ever to fight the nostalgia that comes with seeing characters we grew to love being on the silver screen.

Whether you’ve been a Potterhead since Hagrid said that ‘yer a wizard, or you lived in an old house in Paris covered in vines, Simply Melissy can create the doll from within the pages of old and new classics.

I’m Melissa, the founder of Simply Melissy, and I’ve been making dolls for years now. I love to make sure that all the little details that book (and movie!) lovers want to see are there. If you peek under Madeline’s dress, you’ll see the stitches from where her appendix was removed. Dobby isn’t just a doll—he comes with a whole set of clothes, from a Weasley Sweater, a hat knit by Hermione, and socks purchased the correct way—without matches!

dobby harry potter simply melissy

Some of my dolls are based off of Gingermelon patterns, but some I make myself. When I made (my personal favorite) Dobby, I spent hours studying the book text as well as the movie interpretation to craft his nose and ears just so. I decided to embroider wrinkles on his face, and even add eyelids to those big green orbs. His pillowcase tunic was hand dyed by me to get the perfect coloring.

Contact me to start the process. You can order something you already see in shop, or work with me to bring your favorite storybook, movie, or even made-up character to life. All of my dolls are handmade from felt that is made from recycled bottles. They have safety eyes, and even moveable arms!

Simply Melissy felt dolls are good for the gentle child, and even better for the nostalgic adult and avid collector!

Start now in the Simply Melissy Etsy shop. Use coupon code STORYBOOK to receive 10% off of your doll!

Follow Simply Melissy on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her blog at!



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