Fan Art Fridays: Daddy Yankee & Luis Fonsi

despacito daddy yankee and luis fonsi fan art

I’m convinced that this song is infectious.

Yesterday I learned that Sesame Street’s Ernie, Rosita, and Bert did their own version of Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s hit “Despacito”.

Yup. It’s called “El Patito.”

In lieu of this, let’s feast out eyes on these adorable chibi versions of Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi by Laura C Breezy (@lauracbreezy) on Instagram. She specializes in chibi celebrity fan art, some with anime eyes and others with human features. Although Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi take on the former, it’s insane how realistic the resemblance is!

And yes, I’m completely aware that I left the Canadian out of this post.

See the original fan art on Instagram and watch the Sesame Street version of “Despacito”!

Fan Art Fridays: Snooki

snooki fan art

Yesterday, Snooki released what Paper Mag rightfully calls an “autotuned mess” of a music video. Titled “Yung Mommy,” the song is about—you guessed it—her life as a young mother.

It’s so bad that I couldn’t watch or finish listening to the whole thing.

In honor of this disaster, enjoy this piece of anime-inspired fan art I found of Snooki on Deviant Art by Tiana (xcupcakezx).

Watch “Yung Mommy” below at your own discretion.

Fan Art Fridays: Grace Helbig and Chester See (Grester)


In honor of #NaNoWriMo, every Fan Art Fridays post for November will have a fan fiction story to go along with it. Coincidentally, the cover of the fan fiction is almost the same as this week’s fan art!

YouTube fans cannot stop gushing over Grester. I figured that I would find some pretty good fan fiction about their relationship online, so I decided to go with this piece of fan art I found on Deviant Art.

The artwork was created by Super-Gia, and it’s a cartoon/anime version of a picture from a photo shoot Grace Helbig and Chester See did together. Chester’s cartoon looks so much like him! Grace sort of looks like a housewife that loves to drink wine, but I don’t hate it!

Head over to Whattpad to read this awesome fan fiction by croyden called The Secret Love which is about Grester hiding their relationship from their friends. At this rate, these two will get married and not tell us anything.

grester fan fic

Enjoy! See the original fan art here.

Fan Art Fridays: League of Legends’ Caitlyn

Comic Con has arrived in New York City! I was a bit confused yesterday when I saw people dressed up in costume because Halloween is still a few weeks away but then I remembered Comic Con is this weekend.

I’ve never actually been to a Comic Con event, but I always love seeing the costumes people wear in pictures from the event and I would love to be in the audience of a TV show Q&A session someday!

One of my friends is a huge fan of League of Legends, so in honor of New York Comic Con and all the people who will be cosplaying League characters, I chose a piece of fan art I found on Tumblr of Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover.

Trust me, I spent a good hour deciding which League girl to pick for this. It came down to Leona, Janna, Winter Wonderland Lulu, and Caitlyn. Caitlyn only won because of the cupcake!

Also, who wouldn’t love wearing that hat at Comic Con?

View the original here.

Guest Blog: Krystal of BeautyLifeGeek’s Top 5 Anime Picks

Krystal of BeautyLifeGeek brings you her top five anime picks! Enjoy her guest post below. 


Hello, my name is Krystal of I am here to help you tap into your inner geek, and introduce to you my top five anime picks. Keep in mind, these are my personal picks that I enjoy. I want to share my picks with all of you. If you disagree, that’s okay! No harm done! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and anime preferences.

1. K


K is about a young boy who is framed for murder, due to mistaken identity. His life turns upside down, when he is caught in a war between the seven kings and the HOMRA group. The visuals are amazing, the story line is very interesting, and you have to option to watch this anime is Japanese or English.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online parts 1 and 2 is an amazing anime, and one of my personal favorites. Sword Art Online follows SOA beta tester Kirito, as his life is literally a video game. The only way to free himself, along with many other players is battle the final boss after 100th floors. You will thoroughly love this anime.

3. Death Note


This is more of a Gothic life or death anime. A death note holds the power to kill the person written in the dark notebook. Light Yagami befriends a strange detective named L, to track down the owner of the death note, while concealing his ownership of the death note.

4. Black Butler  

Ciel Phantomhive and his Butler Sebastian solve mysteries under the queen of England’s request. This is another dark anime with humor and cute characters. This is another one of my favorites!

5. Naruto Shippuden


WARNING: If you have not seen the original (first) Naruto, the premise of the storyline will not make any sense to you. Naruto Shippuden follows a grown up Naruto and his friends, as they battle the dark powers developed by Sasuke. Perfect for reliving the moments of Naruto, as the final chapter comes to an end.


Do you agree with my top five picks? Which anime is your favorite? Leave your top five in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky!

Follow Krystal on social media and check out her blog!