Fan Art Fridays: Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon fan art

Hollywood’s favorite blonde sweetheart Reese Witherspoon is in the new film A Wrinkle in Time, which is out in theaters this weekend!

Even though it’s based on a children’s book, I, as a 23 year old going on 24 still want to see it at some point. Maybe I’ll catch it on DVD in a few months.

She stars in the movie alongside Oprah and Mindy Kaling, and the trailer for it alone has my jaw to the ground with the powerful vibes of this all-girl trio! What a better way to celebrate an adaptation of literature AND Women’s History Month?!

In honor of Reese being in this film, I’ve decided to feature her for this week’s Fan Art Fridays. I found this amazing black-and-white sketch of Reese Witherspoon on Deviant Art, which, interestingly is by Rick Fortson (a.k.a. Dr. Pencil), the father of one of my favorite indie musicians Andrew Belle (born Drew Fortson)!

I love how sweet yet stern the actress looks in the sketch. It’s like she’s staring sweetly but also quite seriously into your soul.

If you love this sketch, you can buy it on Rick Fortson’s site.


Fan Art Fridays: Rachel McAdams

rachel mcadams fan art

Our favorite Canadian drama actress, Rachel McAdams, is pregnant with her first child!

News of the broke pregnancy on Thursday, and I am so happy for her!

As most probably do, I’ve loved pretty much loved every film I’ve seen starring Rachel McAdams. I think my favorite film she’s starred in would have to be The Time Traveler’s Wife, in which she played Clare Abshire alongside Eric Bana’s character Henry DeTamble.

In light of this baby news, I’ve decided to feature some fan art I found of the actress on Deviant Art by k-dezign. It appears to be inspired by a still of her character Kay Nesbitt in the film Married Life, which takes place in 1949.

I think this black and white sketch captures her essence perfectly. K-design definitely got her on her good side!

See the original fan art here, and check out some more of k-dezign’s sketches of celebs!

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Zoey in ‘Grown-ish’ Episode “Starboy”

Zoey, Grown-ish Ep. Starboy fashion outfit

I am absolutely loving Zoey Johnson, played by Yara Shahidi, on Freeform’s Grown-ish!

Last week’s episode, “Starboy,” featured a variety of amazing fashion and hairstyles from Zoey. The outfit she wore in the cafe scene was my favorite.

Her hair was combed in an intricately designed pony tail, paired with a vertical black and white striped sweater and denim jeans.

Totally comfy college style, I’ll say.

This is the perfect outfit for mid-winter weather. I live for tossing on a quick sweater with dark pants to head off to work some days.

See below for the original sweater (almost sold out on both store links) and a few other items inspired by the look.

Be sure to catch Grown-ish tonight on Freeform at 8pm EST!



1. Bloomingdale’s, $195.00 or Selfridges, $167.00

2. JCPenny, $50.00


3. Abercrombie, $23.40-$31.20

4. GAP, $63.00

Fan Art Fridays: Lil’ Jon

lil john fan art

I though it was a joke when I saw the tweets about Lil’ Jon being named the new CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. I really did. So I Googled some news articles to see how many people fell for it and it turns out that IT’S TRUE.


Are these people serious? Is this temporary? They’re totally going to hire a legit CEO with restaurant experience, right?

I can’t stare at the computer for too long because of my headaches, but enjoy this fan art of Papa John’s new CEO I found on Deviant Art by nosmelone.

Gallery Mondays: “Crazy From the Heat #2” by Beau LaBute

beau labute crazy from the heat

Happy National Comic Book Day!

I really wanted to feature comic book art in honor of National Comic Book Day today, but then I realized I don’t have any in my camera roll.

So, the closest piece of art I could dig up that looked similar to comic book art is this ink on paper drawing by Canadian artist Beau LaBute. I saw it almost 2 years ago at Printed Matter in Chelsea, New York City.

Boy, is it difficult to find anything about this piece, “Crazy from the Heat #2” on the internet! I’m still amazed that I was able to find anything on the artist!

There’s a lot going on in this ink on paper drawing, but two things stand out to me the most. The first is the man, cat, sheep combination going on in the top right corner of the piece. The second is actually more than one thing located in the top left section of the square sitting in the middle portion of the piece.

Yes, I’m talking about the four wine bottles. Does that make me a wino?

Although I couldn’t find much online about this piece, I did notice that LaBute created some similar artwork with artist Peter Thompson, as seen here, here, here, and here.

I wonder what “Crazy From the Heat #1” looks like, if it exists.


Fan Art Fridays: Happy Birthday, Jim Parsons

Today our favorite grumpy nerd from The Big Bang Theory turned 44!

Jim Parsons is quite a character, both in and off screen. You’ve gotta love it when an actor’s personality shines through his work.

On honor of his birthday, I’ve decided to feature some fan art I found of the actor by rgbcn over on Instagram. The black and white sketch captures Jim Parsons’ pursed lips perfectly.

Happy Birthday, Jim Parsons! Check out more fan art by rgbcn at

Episode Review: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Goes Noir for “Shadow Play”


Even after seeing the preview last week, I completely forgot that this episode of Pretty Little Liars was going to be 1950s film noir style! I was so absorbed in the search for proof of Ezra being part of the A team that it totally slipped my mind.

The transition into black and white begins with Spencer standing over the sink, another dangerous pill in hand, as she watches an old Humphrey Bogart film.

Gunshots are fired in the movie and Spencer covers her eyes in fear. When she opens her eyes she finds herself in a black and white world, dressed in fancy 1950s attire.

Everyone was dressed so nicely in this episode! The men looked extremely dapper and the Liars strutted their stuff in the most gorgeous 1950s couture. I loved Emily’s look the most, especially her shiny jewels.

Here are some of the highlights from “Shadow Play”:

1. Toby and Spencer are back together (for this black and white episode at least). He keeps trying to get Spencer to stop taking those pills to stay awake but she’s addicted.

2. Ezra’s freckles. During the scene where Spencer goes to rescue Hanna in 3B, Ezra gives Spencer a few words. It’s so hard to hate Ezra while his freckles are glistening in the chiaroscuro!

3. Alison jumps out of the paining. Just as Toby predicted when he saw the portrait of Alison on the wall, “It’s as if she could jump out and kiss you, or laugh in your face.” I think we can all agree that she did the latter during her scene with Spencer.

4. The most passionate lesbian kiss ever. Enough said.

5. Ali is a showgirl? When Hanna takes the other Liars to find where Ali’s been hiding, it turns out to be a dressing room filled with boa scarves, tons of makeup, and several vintage vanity mirrors. Burlesque, maybe?

The exciting black and white world gets left behind when Toby screams at Spencer “Don’t look at the book, look at the pages!” The car that Toby and the Liars are in crashes, a bright light flashes, and Spencer is back at home in color.

There are a few things I was sort of confused about in this episode, one of the main ones being Emily and Paige’s relationship. Since the episode is set circa 1950, does that mean no one knows about their sexuality? Do Hanna, Spencer and Aria even know? Although there is a scene where Emily and Paige discuss their fears on the subject, they do not mention if their closest friends are aware that they are lesbians.

Despite that one little detail, this episode did not disappoint. All the hype was totally worth it.

I cannot wait to find out how Aria discovers Ezra’s big secret next week!