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July Favorites: Polish First Lady Duda & Brandless

As I predicted, the good music kept it coming in July 2017.

I’m really not sure where the year went at this point. Like really. I feel like I just celebrated my birthday but then I look at the calendar and I realize that was almost 3 months ago.

Anyway, here are my faves in the world of pop culture and entertainment for the month of July 2017:

Favorite News Articles

1. Polish First Lady Duda avoided shaking Donald Trump’s hand in Warsaw. Girl, I don’t blame you.

2. Brandless. I’ll be buying from this site in the coming weeks.

3. Lush sent Harry Styles 100 bath bombs. Baths with wine for days.

4. Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t work out? Impressive.

5. These two on Tinder spent 3 years sending late messages to each other on the app. And now they finally met IRL. On live TV. How crazy!

Favorite Music

1. “Miracles (Someone Special)” by Coldplay feat. Big Sean. That heavy violin intro and outro gets me every time.

2. “Drive Slow” by Kid Froppy. I’m waiting for that full length album, Kid.

3. “Sit Next To Me” by Foster the People. Mark Foster’s voice of pure dread and agony in the verses really make this song for me.

4. “Honey And Milk” by Andrew Belle. So ready for Andrew Belle’s upcoming album! I just discovered his NYC tour date is already sold out and I’m deeply saddened.

5. “One of Us” by Mystery Skulls. It’s been a huge shift in musicality from The Secret Handshake, but I still like some of the music Luis puts out as Mystery Skulls.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Raven and Chelsea on the set of Raven’s Home. I have to catch up on this when I’m on vacay!

2. Why are David and Liza so cute? Ugh, this just makes it harder if they don’t make our dreams come true and get married.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. “Mudmare” Suits. Harvey is right. Paula, such is the risk with any relationship.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. David Dobrik gets his wisdom teeth removed. “Keep your eyes awake.”

2. Liza goes to Bed Bath & Beyond. The puns in this are at an all time high.

3. Ecosmith’s “Goodbye” music video. Sydney, you “tell ’em boy bye.”

Summer is ending…


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