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November Favorites: JLaw’s 3rd Fall, ‘Memento’ Remake & Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Dress

nov faves

November was a terrible month in serious news. Watching the evening news was hard, but when it came to pop culture there always seemed to be something uplifting to read.

As I say time and time again, pop culture news is always there for ya. Here are my favorites for the month of November.

Favorite News Articles

1. Jennifer Lawrence falls AGAIN. I think she’s the most accident prone person in Hollywood.

2. Memento is getting a remake. Sepia? Snapchat? Is this being written into the script or nah?

3. The judge told ’em like it is. À la Taylor Swift lyrics.

4. The Breakup Shop. The fact that this exists is sad.

Favorite Instagrams

1. Sofia Vergara’s wedding dress. Simply fabulous.

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

2. Chrissy Teigen’s sprawling out. Werk.

3. That cigarette tho. Gotta love TFIOS.

4. Nathan Kress is married. Yes. You read correctly. Congratulations!

Favorite Music

1. “Home” by Islandis. These guys need to make more music. STAT!

2. “Light Up” by Mutemath. I see psychedelic lights every time I hear the intro to this song.

3. “Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay. This song is making me so excited for the new album!

4. “Hotline Bling” Justin Bieber Remix. I listened to it on my cell phone. Right before my train went underground.

Favorite TV Episode

1. Limitless, “Headquarters!” Please tell me I’m not the only one still laughing at Mike dressed like a girl at the end!

2. The Mindy Project, “Jody Kimball-Kinney Is My Husband.” Can we just stop for a second and think about the chaos…

3. Castle, “The Last Seduction.” I get so happy when Beckett and Castle are together ❤

Favorite YouTube Video

1. James Corden and  Justin Bieber pick clothes for each other. James looks like a street kid. What even.

2. Arden “just threw it on.” Will’s hand cameo was perf.

3. Will and Arden in the kitchen. These two are so adorbs I had to feature them twice this month 🙂

4. Mike Falzone’s “Hotline Beard.” Why didn’t he choreograph Drake’s video and save him the embarrassment?!

5. People are mad at the red Starbucks cups. But KKK cups? KKK CUPS?!

The holidays are coming! Happy December!


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