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September Favorites: #DoTheLilo & ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Live-Action Series

September 2018 is one of those months I’d prefer not to remember. It just reinforced my hatred for politics.

Also, RIP Laurex 😥

Anyway, let’s just jump right into my favorites in pop culture and entertainment for September, shall we?

Favorite News Articles

1. #DoTheLilo. Umm, okay, sure. Idk if this dance will really catch on here though, Lindsay. Maybe in Greece?

2. A live action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender is coming to Netflix! I coincidentally JUST finished watching the animated series with my bf 😀

3. Maroon 5 is performing for half-time at Super Bowl LIII. I AM SO HYPE.

Favorite Music

1. “Entropy” by Supa Bwe ft. Dounia. The fact that this featured artist is from Queens is making this even more amazing for me!

2. “Damn” by Christine and the Queens. “What must a woman do?” you ask? Where do I begin?

3. “Cry Wolf” by Skylar Spence. Please don’t cry, Skylar.

4. “Love Runway” Uppermost. So much sexy synth in one 4-minute track.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Joshua Peck in vegan fur. This boy is insane.

2. Amber Mark posing for a shoot at Milk Studios NYC. THOSE PANTS. I WANT.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. The Good Doctor, “Hello.” So glad my Freddie Highmore (Shaun Murphy) is baaaacckkkk!

2. Suits, “Coral Gables.” I actually really enjoy going back in time to the characters’ pasts, esp. Louis Litt’s.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. The Knocks ft. Sofi Tukker’s music video for “Brazilian Soul”. UGH YES BRAZIL.

2. Gabby Lindley went on a date! Get out there, girl.

Fall is finally here ❤


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