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June Favorites: Furious Factious Pot Washers & “TV In the Morning” by DNCE

June was a mix of mourning and adventure.

We lost two great figures, one from the fashion world (Kate Spade) and another from the food industry (Anthony Bourdain). This really made everyone wake up and realize that mental health is a serious issue plaguing our society.

There were, though, a few amazing things that happened in June. Let’s rewind my favorites in pop culture and entertainment last month:

Favorite News Articles

1. WE ARE ALL FURIOUS FACTIOUS POT WASHERS. Thank you, The Cut, for calling me out on my inherent nature to get pissed off about and mull over nonsense.

2. John Legend is not having it with this child separation situation. So don’t dare ask him about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ dinners. You won’t like the answer.

3. Saudi women are now licensed to drive! Or, rather, can now obtain a license to drive. Either way, it’s about damned time!

4. An overdue congratulations is in order for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. I think they’ll be fine if they get comfortable in their engagement for a year and a half or so.

Favorite Music

1. “TV in the Morning” by DNCE. Ugh, yes please. So smooth, so right.

2. “No Static” by Young & Sick. I’m loving the beat changes on this track so much.

3. “Soweto” by Michael Brun ft. Shirazee. Summer is officially here, and it is hawt like Soweto!

4. “Good Love” by Aly & AJ. I had to wait this long after their comeback for a song from that I actually like, but it was worth it.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Kim Petras on the cover of Paper Mag. Look. At. Those. Eyes.

2. Mindy Kaling spoke at Darthmouth for the Class of 2018 graduation ceremony. I wish I was there, man.

Favorite TV Episodes

My fave shows are on hiatus until mid-July 😥

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Meghan Trainor’s “Let You Be Right” music video. She’s literally a shimmering goddess white. Daryl is a lucky man.

2. Alonzo Lerone laughs at the weirdest names in the world. I really hope some of these aren’t real.

3. Rosanna Pansino and Joey Graceffa make cotton candy. I’ll have the Skittles rainbow one, please.

4. Mike Falzone on how people choose to use a toothbrush. Your methods aren’t wild.

It’s only July and the summer heat is already deadly.


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