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November Favorites: “Pyor” by Darius & HTGAWM Fall Finale

November 2017 was an emotional roller coaster. I went from dancing around my room to the month’s most danceable tunes to nearly bawling my eyes out over season finales. It’s no wonder that it took me this long to sit down and gather all my favorites in pop culture in entertainment for this post.

Let’s get to it:

Favorite News Articles

1. The deets on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be here waiting for the specific date in May 2018 so I can set an alarm to catch this on television from across the pond.

2. Moschino’s dry cleaning bag dress. I can already see the Halloween costumes that will come of this.

3. You can now hide away in an 8-foot scarf this winter. You know you’re a New Yorker when all you can think about is how difficult it would be to take this off on a packed and extremely warm train.

4. Cards Against Humanity Saves America. Literally. Have fun trying to build that wall, President Trump.

Favorite Music:

1. “Pyor” by Darius. BRB, letting the enchanting instrumentals of this track keep me sane until the end of 2017.

2. “Mirage” by Satin Jackets. I’m dying to know who is singing the vocals on this because I really want to delve into their solo work if they have any!

3. “In My Head” by Pnau. I really don’t mind getting this slow club banger stuck in my head (or any of the other tracks off of Changa).

4. “Problems” by Petit Biscuit feat. Lido. Gotta love those love problems.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams:

1. Shay Mitchell in the Maldives. Anyone else loving how much the red and white are reminiscent of a Target ad?

2. Sarah Rafferty (Donna) and Rick Hoffman (Louis) wrap up Suits season 7. If Louis’ face is any indication of how season 7 will go down, I am terrified.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. How to Get Away With Murder, “Live. Live. Live”. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more dramatic than Annalise Keating sitting on the floor outside of an elevator while trying to save that child.

2. Zac & Mia, “M-I-A”. The way Zac looks at Mia in that beach selfie makes this series worth all the tear-jerking moments.

3. The Good Doctor, “Intangibles”. Leave it to Shaun to make a huge ordeal out f Claire’s “flirting trifecta” (crosses fingers for more scenes with Leila!).

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Empire of the Sun’s “Way to Go” music video. A Pnau album and an Empire of the Sun music video? Nick Littlemore, thank you for your hard work, you’ve had one busy year.

2. Improv Everywhere bringing holiday cheer. Heartwarming moments in NYC. Yes, they exist.

3. Liza Koshy finally gets to answer 73 questions from Vogue. As herself. What took them so long!

December, bring on the boughs of holly.


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