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October Favorites: Obamas Moving to UES & Rihanna Drive

The cold wasted no time making an appearance at the end of October. Like, I know I was complaining that it was still summer during the first few days of fall, but jeez!

Anyway, the month of October 2017 had a mix of fun music and pop culture news coupled with a few terrible events. Monthly Favorites on The Whisper Box only focuses on the former, so let’s leave all the bad stuff behind.

Here are my favorites for the month of October!

Favorite News Articles

1. The Obamas might be moving to NYC’s Upper East Side. They say third time’s the charm, and this is the second report stating they may end up living in NYC…

2. Barbados is naming a street after Rihanna. I bet she’s gonna rev up her engine and cruise on down Rihanna Drive blasting “Drive” because, why not?

3. Balenciaga’s platform heel crocks. What is fashion anymore?

4. This woman checked her horse in at a Kentucky hotel. Was no one concerned that the horse might accidentally cause damages to the room?!

5. Lupita Nyong’o’s NYT piece on Harvey Weinstein. I’m glad spoke up about this, even if she was able to avoid this disgusting bastard’s advances. He got what he deserved 10 times over.

Favorite Music
1. “No Captain” by Lane 8 ft. POLIÇA. Something happened to my heart when I heard this song for the first time.

2. “Should I” by Phoebe Ryan. Loving the Motown vibe mixed with ’80s electropop on this track!

3. “Bedroom Floor” by Liam Payne. If clothes could talk…

4. “Lost in the Moment” by Darius ft. Wayne Snow. Darius is back with his sexy smooth beats.

5. “Easy Love” by Lauv. I feel, bro.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Patrick Adams on a lonely island. I’m still trying to figure out how Troian got this amazing pic.

2. Carly Rae and the Canadian Mounty. Yup, definitely screams Canada when you see these guys on the red carpet.

3. Aly & AJ’s 10 Years album announcement. This is cause for celebration on November 17.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Lucifer, “What Would Lucifer Do.”  Amenadiel + “Chocolate” = You’re not Lucifer! LOL.

2. Scandal, “Day 101.” Marcus? A gringo? No me digas!

3. The Good Doctor, “Pipes.” I lost it when Shaun missed his bus stop. I hope Leila makes another appearance, too.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Charlie Puth’s “How Long” music video. He doesn’t seem very upset that he was caught cheating. I mean, look at those dance moves!

2. Alonzo comments on ridiculous tombstones. Lesson of this video: please note what you want written on your tombstone in your will.

3. Kevin makes it rain for Lil. Yes, of course Kevin shares his YouTube money with Grandma Lil. The channel would be nothing without her.

4. Liza Koshy’s accessories. I would totally touch that fur coat even if it didn’t ask.

Get ready for that November food coma they call Thanksgiving!


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