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August Favorites: Target’s $5 Wines & Gummy Bear Van Gogh

I’m not gonna lie, August 2017 was pretty fun.

As expected, some amazing tunes were released during the month. I had to cut my list down or else this monthly favorites would be basically all music.

Here are my favorites in pop culture and entertainment for August!

Favorite News Articles

1. Target is launching a line of $5 wines. I repeat: TARGET IS LAUNCHING A LINE OF $5 WINES.

2. This artist made a Van Gogh painting out of gummy worms. The idea seems fun but then ants are sort of a species that tend to like sugar…

3. Companies like Hertz started cashing in on the 2017 solar eclipse. They got so excited and overbooked, then ended up having to cancel reservations. What even.

4. Justin Trudeau fell out of a kayak. And he might have done so on purpose?

Favorite Music

1. “Alone Together” by LEISURE. These guys are just phenomenal. So much groove and chill!

2. “Hurt Nobody” by Andrew Belle. I wish the tickets for his NYC show weren’t sold out so I’d have a chance to hear this live.

3. “Everybody Else” by Emmet Fenn. It takes a special skill to mix the perfect amount of synth with just the right dash of voice distortion as it’s done on this track. A+ man.

4. “Slowly” by Giraffage feat. Matosic. Cannot wait for the full album from Giraffage!

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Rihanna at Barbados Crop Over 2017. Those rhinestones and that plumage tho.

2. Fetus Alonzo Lerone. It just amazes me how ashamed people are of their younger selves.

Favorite TV Epsiodes

1. The Sinner, “Part II”. I usually don’t like shows of this genre but Jessica Biel is killing it as Cora! Also, Rebecca Wisocky plays her aunt?! YES!

2. Suits, “Home to Roost”. LOL Michelle Ross and Harriet Specter! Good one.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Liza cuts David’s hair. Literally the fastest haircut ever.

2. Songs of the Summer since 1958. I can’t believe I actually forgot about “Call Me Maybe”!

It’s almost officially fall! Time for sweater weather!


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