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June Favorites: Ken’s Man Bun & Washed Out’s ‘Mister Mellow’

June 2017 had some interesting developments.

Can I just say how excited I am for this summer’s new music?! So many amazing singles, EPs, and full length albums have come out already and the summer is less than a month in!

Let’s take a look at my favorites in pop culture and entertainment for June 2017:

Favorite News Articles

1. Ken has a man bun. I’m not a huge fan of man buns but this is really a quite interesting hipster-like look for a doll.

2. Obama wore the same tux for his entire presidency. The things men can get away with.

3. This guy’s business card tho. I’d get hella excited if I’d received anything close to this cool at a networking event.

4. Al Sharpton’s gym selfies. Let the man live.

5. Designer cantaloupe. Walmart, what makes you think anyone would trust this when everyone and their mother wants to buy organic?

Favorite Music

1. Mister Mellow by Washed Out. Can someone book Ernest Greene at Lincoln Center with an accompanying orchestra to perform this album live please? Thanks.

2. “Feels” by Calvin Harris (ft. Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean). Amazing collab. Perf song for summer romance!

3. “Instruction” by Jax Jones (ft. Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don). Let’s hope the days where people disregard instructions are gone, ‘cuz Demi don’t play.

4. “Tuttifrutti” by Phoenix. Summer vacay, here we come!

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Tyler Blackburn is a hunk. Messy hair works well on you, my darling.

2. Hilary Duff’s LIVE mirror selfie. Is that Nicole Kidman’s face in the background?! CREEEPPPYYYY.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” Pretty Little Liars (series finale). All I wanted was to see Ezra and Aria get married so I’m satisfied. British Spencer was a bonus. What is going to fill the Tuesday night void?!

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Marcus Butler and Stephenie Giesinger go on summer vacation. The cute little romantic bits were so well filmed! Perfect soundtrack to a dream vacation with an SO.

2. Anthony Padilla exploits his body for views. The fact that the monologue is in French makes it so much funnier! And, what’s the consensus on the bacne?

3. LIGHTS’ “Giants” music video. LIGHTS is back—bold and fiery red.

July, sizzle and slide 😉


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