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January Favorites: Squirrel Thieves, Wire Nails & Salt Bae


I would have posted this yesterday, but The Whisper Box was celebrating its 4th birthday by taking a little break from the keyboard.

I have mixed emotions about January 2017. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, but I already knew it was coming.

As I always say, when things are looking bleak, there’s always pop culture to cheer you up. Enjoy my faves for the month of January!

Favorite News Articles

1. There are squirrels stealing candy from a convenience store in Toronto. Call the squirrel police.

2. The wire nails trend is brilliant. Forget nail sticker decorations. I’m gonna need some wire accents on my fingers STAT.

3. Matt Lauer’s choker. What a sneaky one, wearing hidden jewelry for years! Tsk, tsk!

Favorite Music

1. “Michigan” by Grammar. Those lazy whispery vocals get me every time.

2. “Drink Up” by Train. This is definitely going to be one of 2017’s hit party songs.

3. “All I Want” by Alok ft. Liu and Stonefox. Ahhh, this beat drop is “all I want” to dance to!

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Introducing Salt Bae. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that 2017 isn’t going to have a better meme than Salt Bae.

2. Kristen Bell getting ready for the Golden Globes. She looks absolutely stunning with or without makeup.

3. Is there any hairstyle Janelle Monae can’t pull off? I can’t imagine myself even attemping to look normal with a ‘do that bold.


Favorite TV Episodes

1. The Mick, “Pilot.” Taking dysfunctional family to a very dangerous yet seriously entertaining new level.

2. Lucifer, “Stewardess Interruptus.” I would have never believed Lucifer had that many lovers. I knew there would be a lot, but that cast of lovers tripled my estimate.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Shy Luv’s “Shock Horror” ft. JONES music video. Shocked and horrified aren’t the correct emotions here.

2. Marcus Butler walked his first runway show. And he picked a great outfit.

Yep, it’s already February.


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