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April Favorites: ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel Film & “Chemicals” by SG Lewis

Well this is a first: I would have posted this two days ago my fingers were busy playing Wario’s Woods on my new Nintendo Switch Lite!

No doubt, my new life as a noob gamer has been a welcome distraction from the thing that shall not be named during this post. Let’s have some fun looking back at some other things in pop culture and entertainment that kept my mine off of said thing:

Favorite News Articles

1. The Hunger Games film series is getting a prequel movie! I haven’t read the books so I don’t even know what happens, much less which characters are in it, but I’m still hype.

2. This triathlete lost a virtual bike race because her husband tripped over the power cord. He’s for sure sleeping on the sofa indefinitely.

Favorite Music

1. “Chemicals” by SG Lewis. I can’t get enough of this Roosevelt-esque groove!

2. “Ride With Me”” by Pink Sweat$. It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a classic R&B beat like this one.

3. “Level of Concern” by twenty one pilots. I really appreciate your asking if I’m okay, Joseph and Josh.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Rita Ora soaking up that vitamin D 🌞

2. Sarah Baska is now a blondie.

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~ W H O I S S H E ~

A post shared by Sarah Baska (@sarahbaskaa) on

3. Geraldine Viswanthan modeling virtually in the mirror.

4. Brad Mondo working a marching band look (and killing it).

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Masked Singer, “The Super Nine…”, Nick Canon April fooled us all with that Snoop Dog doppleganger.

2. Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, “Moving Out Part 2”. It took me almost the entire season to really like this show but I must say the finale was pretty cool.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Luna Shadows’ music video for “Palm Springs”, featuring In.Drip. I lost it when I saw that sausage on the grill while still in the plastic!

2. Colleen watches clips of her impromptu fall 2019 wedding. Proof that no one needs to spend a fortune to have a wholesome wedding.

3. Jenna and Julien make a hand mold. This masterpiece is just so them.

May be flowerin.’


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