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August Favorites: LeBron 2020 & LaurDIY’s Tiny Hands

I’ve been super tired over the last couple of days, so I’m going to keep this monthly favorites post short and sweet so I can take a nap.

Without further ado, here are my favorites in pop culture and entertainment for August 2018.

Favorite News Articles

1. It appears LeBron James might run for president in 2020 or something?

2. RIP Aretha Franklin.

3. Meet Paul Flart, farting security guard and Instagram sensation.

4. Reese Witherspoon threw some ice cream at Meryl Street on the set of Big Little Lies

5. Twilight is back in theaters for its 10th anniversary!

Favorite Music

1. “Blazed” by Ariana Grande ft. Pharrell is LIT.

2. “Near/Far” by Death Cab for Cutie is everything you could ever want from their new album Thank You For Today.

3. There can never be too many covers of “Fade Into You,” and Andrew Belle will make you fall in love with it again and again.

4. “I Got You” by Honne ft. Nana Rogues has your back when it’s stress season šŸ˜‰

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Presenting Rae Morris and the Coca Cola can.

2. Aimee Garcia gonna have people calling 911–WOAH!

3. Joshua Peck and Paige are expecting!

Favorite TV Episodes

1. That Suits episode “Good Mudding” had me dying from the moment Harvey said “Tomatoes.”

2. Detective Ambrose better watch himself with Vera after ending up at the motel on that mysterious night in The Sinner “Part IV.”

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. LaurDIY killed me with this tiny hands DIY challenge.

2. These raps in iiSuperwomanii’s “If Rappers Were School Teachers” vid were just too good.

Here come the fall leaves…


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