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July Favorites: Celine Dion Memes & Childish Gambino’s ‘Summer Pack’

July 2018 had me all over the place.

It went from jaw dropping celebrity engagements to Demi Lovato’s hospitalization (glad you’re doing alright now, girl!), and I’m seriously beginning to think this is going to be the most emotional summer ever.

I hope the wedding planners of Hollywood are ready for this (looking at you Justin, Hailey, Nick, and Priyanka).

My carpal tunnel has been acting up over the last couple of days so let’s keep this one short and sweet with minimal commentary:

Favorite News Articles

1. My fave of the Celine Dion memes: “Trudeau window, to the wall.”

2. Congrats are in order for the recently engaged couples Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber, and Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas!

3. This is what happens when you mess with journalists, Daily News.

Favorite Music

1. I can’t tell which of these two super smooth summery tunes I like best from Childish Gambino’s Summer Pack EP.

2. “Soulmate” by Justin Timberlake is just what I needed this summer.

3. I think I like this Spotify Sessions version of “Bloom” by Troye Sivan more than the original.

4. This DENM Remix of “Panic Attacks by Elohim ft. Yoshi Flower” is so melodic.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Love Damon and Jo from Shut Up & Go!

2. Nina Dobrev working the street in florals.

3. Hazy NOVAA in all her glory.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. I am living for these Donna vs. Samantha showdowns in Suits, “Pecking Order.”

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Rosanna and Juanpa Zurita are freaking adorbs in this cooking video!

2. There’s just something about Halfnoise’s music videos, like in this one for “All That Love Is,” that makes me want to hit replay over and over.

3. Kalen knows that the fashion industry is trolling us all.

August is upon us. Stay hydrated.



2 responses to “July Favorites: Celine Dion Memes & Childish Gambino’s ‘Summer Pack’”

  1. I love this! I’ve honestly never seen a favorites post quite like this but I really like it!

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