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September Favorites: Maye Musk & “Underdog” by BANKS

September 2017 was pretty groovy.

Besides the fact that NYC weather refuses to fully transition to fall, September was pretty good in terms of pop culture and entertainment. The summer ended with a splash of great music, which I can never complain about. Also, the fall TV premieres did not disappoint.

Let’s get to my September 2017 favorites!

Favorite News Articles

1. Maye Musk is our newest Covergirl. Can I be her when I turn 69?

2. Sean Spicer made an appearance at the Emmy’s. This award season is going to be wayyyyy too much fun.

3. Starbucks baristas dread the PSL frenzy. “Can’t they just put this into IVs and pump it directly into basic white girls’ veins?”

4. This college kid got hit by a ceiling tile while in class. AND HE DIDN’T DEMAND FREE TUITION. WHAT?!

5. Leo DiCaprio’s happy run. So many reasons for happiness.

Favorite Music

1. “Underdog” by BANKS. We got a wild one over here, boys.

2. “For a Ride” by NOVAA x LO. Can NOVAA go on tour and come to NYC sometime soon, please? Thanks.

3. “24/7” by The Neighbourhood. Because I needed something in addition to “Sweater Weather” to listen to this season 🙂

4. “Lavender and Velvet” by Alina Baraz. YAAAASSSS.

5. “Cupcake” by Rayana Jay. She sounds like BeyoncĂ© in the first verse, I’m not even kidding.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Susan Sarandon workin’ it at the Venice Film Festival. *bows*

2. Arielle Winter at the Emmy’s. Sometimes I forget she’s only 19.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. The Good Doctor, “Burnt Food.” I’m actually really enjoying this show.

2. Suits, “Donna.” Omj Donna what have you done?!

3. How to Get Away With Murder, “I’m Going Away.” I love how Michaela just took that entire bottle from the table before exiting.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Fergie’s “EnchantĂ©” music video, featuring Kendall Jenner. All those comments about this being one giant Instagram Boomerang are missing the fact that these outfits are freaking amazing!

2. Helga’s Vogue interview. I can’t wait to see Liza’s other characters get interviewed.


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