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March Favorites: Meme Makeup & Goldroom’s Inverno Mix 2017

March was some real drama this year, man.

February 2017 might have been intense, but March is definitely taking the crown for Drama Queen so far. Everything just went bonkers for unnecessary reasons, specifically in news, TV and YouTube. The music world churned out some spectacular tunes in time for spring, and the remixes that were released this month were on fire!

Here are my overly dramatic favorites for March 2017:

Favorite News Articles

1. Meme makeup is now a thing. Halloween 2017, here we come!

2. This professors’s live CNN video conference was interrupted by his kids running into the room. This is what happens when you work from home.

3. Casey Affleck’s laundry load. How did he even find clothes to put on to go outside with such a huge laundry bag?!

4. Mindy and Cory Booker flirt it up on Twitter. Your classic “girl makes fun of boy because she likes him” scheme.

5. Apparently Trump can’t eat Russian salad dressing without causing a stir. Do no evil, eat no evil.

Favorite Music

1. Inverno Mix 2017 by Goldroom. Lot’s of goodies on this mix. The level of chill on this one really hits the spot.

2. “Chained to the Rhythm (Hot Chip Remix)” by Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley. As if the original wasn’t already amazing, Hot Chip went and made the chains tighter.

3. “Trivial Motion (PREP Remix)” by Shy Girls. This is basically going to be my groove for the season.

4. “Like It’s Over (Howle Remix)” by Jai Wolf ft. MNDR. This remix pulls all the heart strings.

5. “Secrets (Kaskade Remix)” by CID ft. Conrad Sewell. I wouldn’t trust anyone to keep secrets for me with a remix this good.

6. “Giving Up the Feeling” by Work Drugs. I just want to slow dance to this song with a guy wearing a white suit. Is that too much to ask?

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Isabelle McNally as Maddie gets pissed on Bates Motel. That caption, though.

2. Roosevelt smiles at Cambridge Junction. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile this much.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Suits, “Character and Fitness.” I’m sad for Louis, but Mike’s victory overrides that. It was also very nice to see Jessica one last time before she moved over to The Catch on ABC!

2. The Catch, “The Hammer.” Alice to Ben: “Sweetie, you’re a criminal.”

3. Bates Motel, “Marion.” Bravo, Rihanna. Also, who’s cleaning up that ridiculous mess Norma/n made?

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. David Dobrik does Liza Koshy’s makeup voiceover. This has to be the most insane parody ever, and I loved every minute of it!

2. Alonzo Lerone takes on #JusticeforBradsWife. 11 years? Cracker Barrel should be ashamed.

3. James Corden breaks down March 2017 drama. Sigh.

April showers won’t hold back now!


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