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June Favorites: Princess Charlotte, #OITNB Season 4 & “This Is What You Came For” Music Video

june faves

June was heartbreak month in Hollywood.

The worst two for me were Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama, and Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris. The former really messed me up.

Then there was Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid, but I don’t really think the fans for either of those two are ever too torn up about them being single…

On the plus side, I did discover some really awesome music in June.

Here are my faves in pop culture and entertainment for June 2016!

Favorite News Articles

1. Princess Charlotte’s debut. She looks just like her big brother and her daddy! And she’s got her mother’s charm 🙂

2. This grandma thanks Google in her search queries. Please give her the pleasure of visiting Google’s offices. I’m sure she’d make everyone’s day.

Favorite Music

1. “BOSS” by Disclosure. Oh, but I’m sure this track looks more than “good on paper.” Heck, I’d get it framed!

2. “7:41” by Still Parade. It’s very Bee Gees minus the high pitched voices.

3. “Rush of the Night” by Dive In. That chorus really pulls you in. It’s gotta be those vocals!

4. “Float” by Switchfoot. This is a song for Mondays.

5. “Are You Home” by BROODS. I love the “I don’t wanna/I just wanna fight” juxtaposition. So. Brill.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Damn, Dascha! I’m imagining her walking off the set of this shoot with that dress making her look all floaty and prettyful.

2. Matt Peters’ man-ponytail. Where do I begin with this?

3. Lorenzo Cromwell (CallHimRenny) dances to Drake’s “One Dance” in NYC. Where was I when this was filmed?! I would have totally dance bombed this video.

Favorite TV Episodes

1. Orange is the New Black, Season 4. This season was heart-wrenching, but it had it’s fun moments (especially Alison Abdullah’s hair!).

2. Pretty Little Liars, “Bedlam.” And just like that, Ezria is back on. It’s the only thing that’s right in Rosewood at the moment.

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. “This Is What You Came For” music video. Whoever got to direct the photography for this one must have had a blast.

2. Alonzo Lerone’s laugh. You’ve gotta love it when he falls out of his chair with some of these.

Welp, it’s July so the year is almost over.


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