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Mid-Autumn 2022 No Big Deal Mini Mix

Fall really doesn’t know what it wants to do this year. In what four-seasoned universe is it normal to have a 70°F day in the start of November, then have a small bit of snowfall two weeks later, and end the month with a 50°F Thanksgiving?

Hence why I struggled to figure out a theme for this season’s playlist.

If you’ve been paying attention to my social media or the home page of this blog under construction, you’ll notice that I’m a new Etsy shop owner (you can check it out at!

In addition to frequent imposter syndrome, I keep having to remind myself that it’s really no big deal if no one buys my photography prints. This is just a fun hobby shop.

But telling myself something is no big deal is rather difficult (those who know me can verify this). I’ll find a million reasons I am to blame for things I cannot control.

So, I’ve made an autumn mini mix for the moments when I take everything too seriously.

Enjoy the No Big Deal mini mix!

1. This is How We Do, Katy Perry. A brief tutorial on realizing how much “this is no big deal.”

2. Blutooth, Blu DeTiger ft. Chromeo. Do whatever, just “cuz [you want to].”

3. You Need to Calm Down, Taylor Swift. I know, Taylor, I know.

4. Seize the Power, Yonaka. The voice in your head knows you’ve been taking it a bit too seriously…

5. Black & White – ADLR Remix, Paco Versailles. “Never don’t you worry about me.”

6. New Gold, Gorillaz ft. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown. Anything involving Tame is game when trying not to panic.

7. Feel Like, Josh Fudge. “Let’s lose a couple days, it’s okay.”

8. High Above the Sun, Magic City Hippies. “I’ll just wait a whole ‘nother winter” because it’s no big deal.

BRB, hoping this playlist cures my autumn anxiety 🥴


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