Gallery Mondays: Puck


Back in September, I was walking through NoLIta after buying tickets for a show at Mercury Lounge when I saw this golden statue on the Puck Building, known as the home of retail store REI.

When I first saw the statue, which is one of Shakespeare’s characters named Puck (hence the name of the building), I thought he was a cherub. Now I’m realizing that if he has wings, they’re not really visible. Would he even qualify as a fairy?

Do fairies need to have wings to be fairies?

Anyway, I do like that little tophat Puck has in this statue. I wonder if all of the building’s Puck statues are holding the same pose.

I guess I’ll have to go back there one day to have a look.


High Line NYC

Yesterday I went to the High Line in NYC with a few of my girlfriends from high school!

High Line Pic

The High Line, an urban linear elevated park located along 10th Avenue,  is quite the interesting sight. It used to be a street level railway in the 1840s. Too many accidents occurred between the trains and the traffic, causing 10th Avenue to became known as Death Avenue. Later the train became an elevated rail to prevent anymore accidents.


In 2009 the railway was transformed into a lovely park complete with statues, flowers, and grassy areas to enjoy the summer sun. The view is fabulous!

You can still see some of the rails. It’s so cool!


Three highlights of our time at the High Line yesterday:

1. The Goshka Macuga bust of Colin Powell. The following pictures should explain why.





2. The flowers!! They’re so gosh darn gorgeous!!





IMAG18003. And the grass. I could lay there forever.


As my friend Xiran said as we all lay on the grass, “Nature is perfect.”


Indeed it is, my dear. Indeed. Especially at the High Line.


My girlies!! (l-r Niketa, Kristell, and Xiran)


My girlies!! (l-r Niketa, Kristell, and Xiran)

*(As you can tell, Xiran cannot take a normal picture. But that’s just one of the many reasons why we love her.)*

If you’re ever in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan near 10th ave and 14th Street, you should totally visit the High Line. You won’t regret it. It’s beautiful!

Check out the official site for the High Line.

Enjoy some of the footage I took while there!!