Fan Art Fridays: Tim Gunn

tim gunn fan art

I woke up this morning to find Tim Gunn trending on social media because of this piece he wrote for the Washington Post about fashion designers refusing to make clothes that fit American women.

It becomes a problem when consumers see how a piece of clothing looks on a model of a certain height and weight but then the sizing of the garment is capped so that only some of us can enjoy wearing it. That doesn’t seem fair.

It’s 2016. Body shaming should be a thing of the past. You’d think clothing designers would have realized that by now, but they still won’t get with the program.

I decided to feature Tim Gunn for this week’s Fan Art Fridays at the height of NYFW to applaud his stance on the issue. I’m glad he took the time to write this. Tim Gunn looks deep in thought in this vector by ZNECO on Deviant Art.

View the original fan art here.