Gallery Mondays: Linda Ganjian’s ‘Home Sweet Home’

home sweet home linda ganjian 111 street subway station

I didn’t get to see the station art at 111 Street on the A train line until last month. I had honestly forgotten that the station got renovated in general, so it was nice walking onto the platform and seeing Linda Ganjian’s Home Sweet Home stainless steel cut outs on the panels.

What I really love about this is the fact that the design doesn’t end with the house. It continues in a neat border pattern, almost as if the house were being framed.

Funny that I actually was headed home sweet home when I saw them…

Learn more about Linda Ganjian’s art here.

MagicofRahat: “Homeless Man Gets a Home”

Homeless Home

Some of you may know MagicofRahat on YouTube for his hilarious prank videos such as the “Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank” and the “Third Story Fall” prank.

Amidst all this shenanigans, Rahat has a soft spot for the homeless. Viewers realized this when he started doing magic for the poor, revealing money with every trick.

He went further with his homeless ventures and was able to raise over $40,000 for a homeless man named Eric. Some of the money was used to buy Eric his very own home.

The video takes you through the entire prank. Rahat tricks Eric into thinking that he left something at his house, making them detour to the home they’ve bought for the homeless man.

When they arrive, Rahat tells him the truth, and Eric’s continuous response is “Oh my God!”

Watch the amazing act of kindness below.

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