Gallery Mondays: Spa


We got our first snow in NYC over the weekend, but I wasn’t even mad because I had a reservation at Russian and Turkish Baths in the East Village.

I went with Karina, who has been to a few other bath houses before the one we went to on Saturday. It was my first time going to a bath house and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the aromatherapy rooms. It’s perfect for a cold day!

The mural above is on the wall in the hallway outside of Russian and Turkish Baths. I love how the entire painting has a steamy vibe to it, making it look so relaxing and dreamy.

If you’re thinking of going to a bath house or spa in NYC you should definitely check out Russian and Turkish Baths for a couple of hours this winter!

Gallery Mondays: The Birds

denton burrows art

Fall is literally two days away, so the lovely birds that came to visit NYC for the summer will be headed south soon.

I saw this amazing street art by Denton Burrows on a shipping container near the intersection of Ludow and East Houston Street in the East Village earlier this month. The two birds painted on the container look like the cutest couple snuggling up together on that branch!

I love that these colorful birds are set against the sky blue background, making it feel as if you’re actually staring at two birds sitting high up in a tree. Cue “The K-I-S-S-I-N-G Song.”

Also, is it just me, or does that green leaf in the bottom right corner look like some sort of smiley face leaf emoji?

See art by Denton Burrows at

Gallery Mondays: Mystery Woman at Klimat Lounge


In December, I went to a Monday night Giggle Pit comedy show at Klimat Lounge in the East Village with a few friends. After the show, I needed a quick bathroom break.

While waiting on the line, I saw this portrait of a mystery woman staring right back at me. In the bathroom. Totes cool.

The colors of the portrait match the bathroom’s rusted red and brown design quite well, so she almost blended in. I can’t really tell her ethnicity or her age by this painted portrait, which makes her all the more mysterious.

Klimat Lounge has a rotating art gallery every month. Be sure to stop by for a drink and some new art this month.