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2022’s Best in Music

And just like that, another year has come and gone.

2022 was a really good year for some of my favorite artists. I even got to enjoy some Latin-American hits, which made it onto my list of the year’s best tunes.

I was so busy listening to Harry’s House on repeat that I didn’t get to listen to a lot of these albums until this week 😅

In any event, here is my list of 2022’s best songs, albums, and artists:

1. “Cinema”, Harry Styles, Harry’s House. I just can’t believe John Mayer is behind this.

2. “No Thinking Over the Weekend”, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Loneliest Time. I love that the synth beat sounds so much like something from Rhye!

3. “Andrea (ft. Buscabulla)”, Bad Bunny, Un Verano Sin Ti. Now THIS is how you do a collab.

4. “Ghost in the Machine” (ft. Phoebe Bridgers), SZA, SOS. This album was def worth the wait.

5. “Hasta los Dientes”, Camilla Cabello, Familia. Sooooo freaking good.

6. “Yuck”, Charlie XCX, CRASH. Thanks to the RamVan driver that introduced me to this song on the way to class.

7. “Karma”, Taylor Swift, Midnights. I can see this whole album being remixed to the nine’s.

8. “The Only One”, Phoenix, Alpha Zulu. This album caught me by surprised but I’m glad the band is moving back to some of their previous styles.

9. “Ummm”, Qveen Herby, MAD QVEEN. Can always count on Qveen to drop the bops.

10. “Prodigal Daughter”, LIGHTS, PEP. Another pleasant surprised after not loving a few of the other recent albums.

11. “Alone,” Fickle Friends, Are We Gonna Be Alright. Effortless.

12. “Buy American”, Joywave, Cleanse. I love this track off the album so much that it’s my alarm sound.

13. “Foreign Things”, Amber Mark, Three Dimensions Deep. “All damn night.”

14. “Solo Mission”, The Chainsmokers, So Far So Good. One of the albums I was unaware of but managed to check out in time for the list!

15. “Therapy” (ft. Tim Atlas), Magic City Hippies, Water Your Garden. We all need it.

Have a happy and safe New Year!


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