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Feb & Mar Favorites: Amazon Dating & Sarah Baska Goes Emo

Alright, so here’s a compact version of what happened:

I procrastinated too long in March and never ended up posting February 2021 favorites because I then managed to eff up my right (dominant) wrist during a 40-some-odd-day yoga streak (a story for another post).

Since my hand is still healing, I present to you a very short combined February and March 2021 favorites!

Favorite News Articles

1. Amazon Dating parody site tried to make Valentine’s Day fun this year. Found out about this through @dimpey6 on TikTok and I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

2. Pics of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana for the upcoming film Spencer. I keep telling people that K-Stew was born to star in biopics.

Favorite Music

1. “Feels Right” by Roosevelt. It does, indeed.

2. “Feel You” by RAC feat. Jonas Bjerre. Getting M83 vibes from this.

Favorite Celeb Instagrams

1. Grace Helbig is engaged to Elliott Morgan. They are just perf.

2. Hilary Duff’s newborn Mae James Bair. Loving this whole natural home birth moment!

Favorite TV Episodes

1. The Good Doctor, “Teeny Blue Eyes.” I truly am in awe of how this show is handling Shaun and Lea. In a good way.

2. Grown-ish, “Who Do You Love?” Loved this whole Zoey and Aaron thing (no spoilers) but am I the only one still waiting to find out who Javi was texting from like 3 episodes ago?!

Favorite YouTube Videos

1. Sarah Baska gives herself an EMO/scene makeover and films a music video for class. Serving pure LOOKS.

2. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s super group Silk Sonic is just WOW. Too Rico Suave to be legal.

3. The preamble to the Harry & Meghan Oprah interview. James Corden didn’t want to scare us away from watching 🥴

April wasting no time with these showers.


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