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Mid-Summer 2017 Around the World Playlist

We’re midway through the summer, and if you haven’t already gone on vacation, you’re probably going somewhere fun soon to escape work and all the stress of everyday life.

As with most things, traveling is so much fun when you’ve got great tunes to go along with you.

This year’s mid-summer playlist is music themed, with songs about different places around the world to feed your wanderlust soul.

I hope these 18 tracks take you on an unforgettable summer excursion.

1. Hollywood, RAC feat. Penguin Prison. Here’s to trying hard not to be that person while visiting the Land of Stars.

2. Hamburg, Kapekoff. “Together we’re alive.”

3. Michigan, Grammar. “In a heavy fever” indeed.

4. Chicago, Canon Blue. A song for those hot summer nights in Chicago.

5. Monterrey, TW Walsh. I bet you can “find a way to get to Monterrey”.

6. Montreal, Roosevelt. Montreal plus Roosevelt equals bliss.

7. Arizona Fire, Becca Mancari. Stay cool, Arizona.

8. Zanzibar, Kamaliza. A little African island escape never killed anyone.

9. Paris, Friendly Fires (Aeroplane Remix). “I’ll find you that French boy…”

10. Australia, Jonas Brothers. Because Australian girls apparently don’t break hearts, according to the Jonas Brothers.

11. Miami, Will Smith. “Bienvenido a Miami”. 😉

12. London Bridge, Fergie. Are we ever gonna find out how come every time Fergie comes around her London, London Bridge wanna go down?

13. Took a Pill in Ibiza, Mike Posner (Seeb Remix) Please do not take any pills in Ibiza.

14. Tokyo, Dan Croll. “Somehow you’ve crossed the line”.

15. Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift. New York’s “been waiting for ya” 😉

16. Princess of China, Coldplay feat. Rihanna. If he let you go then it’s time to run away to China.

17. Rome, Phoenix. A little song for your tour of the Coliseum.

18. Barcelona, Henry Green . I’m sure you wouldn’t think twice if you could make yourself stay.

Happy summer travels!


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