Gallery Mondays: Hung Yi’s Fancy Animal Carnival

Since September, the Garment District in NYC has seen a splash of vibrantly colored animals along Broadway between 36th and 41st Streets.

Created by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi, the installation is called Fancy Animal Carnival. It’s very fitting, especially since these animals, which include pandas, camels, and bulls, are decorated so intricately with carnival-like colors.

My favorite of the installation is this bull with a septum piercing nose ring. He is definitely rocking that ginormous piece of jewelry!

Learn more about Fancy Animal Carnival here, and go check it out before it ends on April 15!


Gallery Mondays: Crystallize by La’Maj & Co


Well, hello there, 2017!

About a year ago, I saw this gorgeous replica of a bottle of Moët & Chandon Impérial Champagne in the window of a shop between Fashion Ave. and 8th Ave. in the Garment District in Manhattan. I wish I could remember which shop it was exactly, but the only information I know for sure is coming from the photo’s geotag which gives me coordinates on 37th Street.

The blinged-out bottle was created by La’Maj & Co., a company the specializes in decorating items using Swarovski crystals. On their website, you’ll see they’ve also crystallized a replica bottle of CÎROC, can of Pepsi.

I wonder how much this bottle is now worth…