Gallery Mondays: Chihuly’s “Rose Crystal Tower”

It’s been some time since I’ve posted a Gallery Mondays (sorry!) but I’m back with one this week and I’ll try to be better at posting these more than just once a month.

For this Gallery Mondays we have the amazing 31-foot tall “Rose Crystal Tower” by Dale Chihuly. I heard about this sculpture being in Union Square since October 2017, and I had seen it once from very far away at night. However, I didn’t take a photo of it because my phone camera wasn’t capturing it well enough. When I went back to Union Square a few months later, I couldn’t find it! It took me a whole eight months after the first time I saw it to find it again. In June, I went to see Oceans 8, and as I walked toward Regal Union Square Stadium 14 I saw the sculpture and snapped a pic right away.

What I love most about Chihuly’s work is the vibrant colors he uses, and this sculpture is no exception. “Rose Crystal Tower” is made of purple-ish “polyvitro” crystals that look more pink at night when lit up. It reminds me of a piece of rock candy!

This sculpture will be at Union Square until the end of October, so go check it out if you’re nearby!

Gallery Mondays: Crystallize by La’Maj & Co


Well, hello there, 2017!

About a year ago, I saw this gorgeous replica of a bottle of Moët & Chandon Impérial Champagne in the window of a shop between Fashion Ave. and 8th Ave. in the Garment District in Manhattan. I wish I could remember which shop it was exactly, but the only information I know for sure is coming from the photo’s geotag which gives me coordinates on 37th Street.

The blinged-out bottle was created by La’Maj & Co., a company the specializes in decorating items using Swarovski crystals. On their website, you’ll see they’ve also crystallized a replica bottle of CÎROC, can of Pepsi.

I wonder how much this bottle is now worth…