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#TWBT: Let’s Talk About My First Sound Bath Experience

I’ve wanted to try a sound bath for a while now, but every time I looked up different classes online, I realized I couldn’t really afford it at the moment so I kept putting it off.

I have severe paranoia coupled with anxiety, which is a recipe for a mental health disaster. Some really really bad things happen to me when I start to worry about work, people and things that I just shouldn’t be worrying about. I try really hard not to worry, but that just makes me worry even more.

When I found MNDFL, I knew instantly that I really wanted to try the classes that they offer. They have sound baths, breath work sessions, and other kinds of therapy. But of course, as I mentioned, I didn’t really have the funds to do so at the time that I found MNDFL, so I just subscribed to their newsletter and kept getting emails from them.

Fast forward to last week, my birthday came around, and they sent me an email offering a free class as a gift. I got so excited about this. I emailed them back immediately and asked if I could take the sound bath class with Alex Falk on Tuesday, May 22 at 6:30pm on the Upper East Side, and they slotted me for cushion number 14. I was super hype!

When I got to the studio, I was offered complimentary tea. They had several flavors of Rishi tea, so I got the Tropical Green flavor. I was tempted to try the Tumeric Ginger but I remembered that ginger lowers my blood pressure to the point where I get a migraine, so I opted to not get that one. I very much enjoyed my Tropical Green tea in a MNDFL mug. It was delicious.

As I waited there for about 15 minutes before the class started, I was approached by an employee who asked if it was my first time there. I told her it was, and she asked if I wanted tour. Of course I wanted a tour, so I followed her around. She showed me the studio, which was adorable and tiny. They make great use of the space. There’s a private room where you can sit down and meditate on your own, and all the way in the back is the larger room where they hold guided workshops and sessions.

After a second cup of tea, the class began. Alex Falk led us through some breathing exercises before diving into the sound bath. The whole time I couldn’t stop realizing how uncomfortable my legs were while I sat on the cushion. I just couldn’t find a comfortable position. Every two minutes or so, I’d feel pins and needles in my feet and my ankles would cramp up! I ended up sitting on my side and folding my knees on my left, then on my right when that started to feel uncomfortable again.

Besides the leg situation, I had a really great time with the sound bath session. I think I really needed it, especially after the last couple of weeks. The soothing sounds of the bowls and gongs were absolutely mesmerizing.

Turning 24 made me realize that I need to stop worrying about so many things I can’t control. I think the sound bath session with Alex Falk really helped me to concentrate on myself and my health.

I’ll definitely consider taking another class at MNDFL when I have adequate funds.

Check out MNDFL on the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, or Williamsburg.


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