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Fan Art Fridays: Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid fan art

Gigi Hadid had a rough week, so Fan Art Fridays is going out to her today.

Celeb prankster Vitalii Sediuk managed to grab and lift the model up as she was walking out of a fashion show in Milan with her sister Bella on Thursday. Gigi fought him off, as I would have done, and security came swarming in to get her to calm down when she started chasing after him in fury.

I’m not one for violence, but Sediuk really deserved to get his face punched in. He needs to learn a lesson.

Anyway, here’s a glamorous portrait I found on Deviant Art by Katharina0595 of Gigi Hadid in red, wearing a flower crown and dangling earrings. The fan art was created using Faber Castell colored pencils, which I must say do a fabulous job creating vibrant red hues.

View the original on Deviant Art.


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