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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ NYC Premiere

tmnt out of the shadows nyc premiere

As many of you know, I turned 22 last week, and I decided to celebrate on Sunday by hauling myself and my mom to the NYC premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which was held at The Theater at Madison Square Garden!

Because who could pass up seeing a free screening of a film in a room with a bunch of other fans and actors from the movie?!

I got the tickets through Gofobo a few weeks prior. On the day of the premiere, I got a nice little email from them telling me that there’s a chance I might not get into the theater. And that if I wanted to get in I should arrive close to when the line opens at noon.

The premiere wouldn’t start until three. That meant three hours in heels. WHY.

Anyway, I did it, and it was fun!

When my mom and I got there, the line was already wrapped around the block so we panicked all the way up till about 2:55pm when they stamped my printed ticket allowing me to get the MSG theater tix.

By the time I actually got the tickets it was 3:05pm. I was already pretty bummed because only those dressed in costume were allowed access to the red carpet, meaning I hardly got to see any celebrities.

At this point my feet were burning in my heels! Then my mom and I got through security, started walking in to the never ending maze that is Madison Square Garden and guard goes “It’s starting!”

He really just wanted to see people running in heels because it was a lie!

They gave us free popcorn and soda at the door (all’s forgiven now for sure!) and then my mom and I found our seats with the help of a slightly far-sighted usher.

tmnt msg theater popcorn

I have no clue why, but whoever was in charge of the lights kept on pranking us by turning them all the way down, causing us to believe the movie was about to begin.

They did that three times before four 1991-style Ninja Turtles came down the aisles, Donatello nearest to the aisle I was sitting in, and Vanilla Ice took the stage for “Ninja Rap.”

I’m so young I didn’t realize it was Vanilla Ice for a few minutes! Stephen Amell (Casey Jones) got some of it on video:

Of course, everyone got out of their seats for this, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if my feet weren’t still recovering from three hours in that line! Reluctantly, I stood up too, barefoot because I was not about to miss this.

The movie began shortly after, causing a lot of hollering from the audience. I mean, jeez. They even hollered when Alibaba Group came on in the opening credits.

I won’t spoil the film for you, but I’ll say this: The roof is definitely on fire!

If you’re planning to go see it when it’s out on June 3rd, I’m sure you’ll love it, even if you’re not a die hard fan. Tyler Perry plays Baxter in the film, and he’s nerdified to the point of no return, which is hilarious.

Special thanks to Gofobo for making my birthday weekend fun!
tmnt out of the shadows premiere msg theater


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