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Wardrobe Wednesdays: Rachel McCord @ Kentucky Derby 2016

Rachel Mccord Kentucky Derby 2016

Perhaps the best part of the Kentucky Derby besides the beautiful horses is the amazing women’s fashion.

At the 142nd Kentucky Derby, Rachel McCord turned heads with a blush pink ensemble. She wore a floor length floral high-low dress, strappy heels and a traditional Kentucky Derby hat. In her hand she held a light pink clutch bag with a jeweled clasp.

I’ve always admired people that can work a high-low dress. The one Rachel wore is especially nice, with it’s soft polyester material.

If you’re into all things Kentucky Derby fashion, check out these pieces similar to the ones Rachel wore this year.


1. ASOS, $122.00

2. Kohl’s, $42.00


3. LuLu’s, $34.00

4. TopShop, $90.00


5. Nordstrom, $250.00

6. Perfect Handbags, £18.50 ($21.13 USD)


7., $79.49

8. Chantilly Dreams, $350.00


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