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Fall 2014 Study Playlist

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So I know it’s not technically fall yet but once school is back in session it might as well be.

And I couldn’t just let my last first day of classes as an undergrad go by without giving something back, so here is a playlist of my favorite study jams!

These songs have the most relaxing repetition and soothing vocals to get you in the zone. Whether it be a homework session or a long stretch of hardcore exam studying time, these tunes will be there for you when the pressure starts to build.

1. Hemisphere, Paradis: The light bell sounds throughout the song combined with the groggy French-speaking male voice is just what the doctor ordered for your study session. Also, the inception-like music video is the perfect thing to watch right before you begin studying, because it will unwind your brain into pliable mush in order to absorb all the knowledge necessary to pass. (Don’t ask how. It’s probably because your brain expands to explain the unexplainable events of the video.)

2. Parodia Flare, Tropics: Let the beautiful guitar chords immerse you in studiousness.

3. Electric Counterpoint – Fast (movement 3), Steve Reich: Train sounds just have a way of relaxing you, so let this instrumental sink you deep into your chair (or bed, or couch) and just keep on studying.

4. Nevermind, Foster the People: Nevermind whatever else is happening around you. It’s just you, the textbooks, the highlighters and the post-its. Nothing. Else. Matters.

5. If I Ever Feel Better, Phoenix: You will feel better once this test is over! You can get through this!

6. Tereza, Trails and Ways: This song will have you longing for summer again…and it will come once the school year is over!

7. Hearts a Mess, Gotye: Let the study notes occupy your mind, because your heart might be a mess, but your brain will be the most organized organ on you when you’ve finished studying.

8. Show Me, Touch Sensitive: This song is like a slow-mo cheer-on. It’s very groovy on the synth, and the recurring baby chipmunk voice saying “oooo, yay” throughout the song will be your personal cheerleader.

9. Deezy Daisy (Oxford Remix): You have full permission to take a dance break to this number. But only for this number and then back to studying!

10. Island, Yuna: “And if you drown [in all your study notes Yuna will] help you keep your head up to breathe.”

11. Rescue Song (RAC Remix), Mr Little Jeans: This lovely lady will also rescue you from your fear of failing. You won’t fail, don’t you worry!

12. Just Go, Shindu: They’ll just go on and turn your brain on so just go study!

13. New Theory (RAC Mix), Washed Out: This is one of my personal favorites. Washed Out is just so laid back and chill that there’s no way your brain will be inhibited by anything else but what you’re supposed to be studying. Just let them brain juices flow and create some new theories! (Don’t stray too far from the lesson notes though…)

14. No Work, All Play, Hilary Duff: Because we all know what a mistake that is. There will be no crammin’ here, just study jammin.’

15. Clocks, Coldplay: It is time. Go forth and pass with flying colors. “You are,” ready.

Happy studying, and have a great school year!


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