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Zendaya Drops Out of Aaliyah Biopic

“We just felt a little rushed, and I think because she is someone I admire and love so much it can’t be done halfway,” said 17-year-old Disney star Zendaya Coleman.

Fans were extremely excited when Lifetime announced a couple of weeks ago that Zendaya Coleman would take on the role of the late Aaliyah in a biopic.

However, production of the film has been put on hold due to her decision to pull out.

“I just felt the project wasn’t 100 percent there,” she said.

According to E! News, Lifetime was also having a trouble getting the rights to Aaliyah’s music for the film.

Not to worry, though. Zendaya would love still love to play Aaliyah in a biopic.

“By all means, when the right project comes along and it’s done the right way I’ll be the first person ready to play Aaliyah,” Zendaya said in an interview with MTV, “but this wasn’t the right one for me. I’ve been into Aaliyah since I was little, so there wasn’t too much getting into character. I always pretend I’m her anyway.”

Hopefully Zendaya comes by another opportunity to portray Aaliyah. I’d hate to see her talents go to waste all because she wasn’t connected to the right project!



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