Meet Vitalii Sediuk: Celebrity Prankster

Vitalii SediukWill Brad Pitt be the end of this?

At the red carpet premiere of Maleficent last Wednesday, the news managed to focus on someone other than just the cast and crew of the film.

Vitalii Sediuk, Ukranian journalist and well known celebrity prankster, managed to get passed red carpet security to attack Brad Pitt, breaking the actor’s glasses in the process.

Who in their right mind punches Brad Pitt in the face at a red carpet event?

Vitalii Sediuk does.

According to, two days after the incident, Sediuk was issued “20 days of community service, 36 months of probation and ordered to pay $220 (£138) in fines.” He is also banned from all future Hollywood events.

As if Brangelina would just sit back and let this sort of shenanigans continue.

Sediuk has racked up a lengthy list of celebrity prank incidents over the past three years:

Madonna, 2011 Venice Film Festival – Sediuk gave Madonna a bouquet of hydrangeas. She despises hydrangeas.

Will Smith, Men in Black 3 premiere in Moscow – Sediuk kissed Will Smith. In return, Will Smith slapped him and shouted, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Adele, 2013 Grammy’s – Sediuk rushed onto the stage for a brief moment to murmur into the microphone when Adele received her award for Best Solo Performance. No one really noticed it on television because it happened so quickly.

*ATTEMPT* Sediuk tried to enter the 85th Academy Award Show wearing drag! What?! Why. Thankfully, security sent him right back home.

Bradley Cooper, 20th SAG Awards – Sediuk latched onto Bradley Cooper’s legs. According to USA Today, he tried “his best to smile through the incident as he pulled [Sediuk] off of his legs.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Sediuk rubbed his face in Leo’s groin. Seriously?

New York Fashion Week ’14 – Sediuk streaked the Prabal Gurung Runway show.

America Ferrera, Cannes Film Festival – Sediuk crawled underneath America Ferrera’s dress while she posed for the paparazzi at the premiere of How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Mario Lopez got the opportunity to interview the prankster on Extra Tuesday. Lopez asked him the million dollar question: “What is wrong with you?”

His response?

“I don’t think [there’s] something wrong with me. I am a different guy who thinks differently and has this entertainment spirit that probably people in Hollywood never experienced before. It’s something different, controversial, extraordinary and it’s hard to explain. I’m normal, at least I believe so.”

If he thinks he’s normal, then I don’t even want to know what he considers abnormal.

He also apologized, saying,

“I apologize for inconveniences that I created to many celebrities dealing [with] my style of entertainment… I feel sorry that I created inconveniences for Brangelina family because I knew there were no kids around, but they were [at] the premiere, and I kind of stole the spotlight from such an important moment.”

Let’s see if he’ll make it through this three year probation.



Demi Lovato Nude Photos


Hold your horses, guys. The photos have not been released.

Not yet, at least.

According to RadarOnline, about 20 nude photos of singer and X Factor judge Demi Lovato have been emailed to the site for sale.

The photos are quite racy, including some nude bathtub pics and a few of Demi topless on a bed.

However, we’re not 100% that these photos are of Demi Lovato.

They do have indicators, though. The tattoo of 12 birds that Demi has on her arm is on the arm of the woman in the photo as well.

The person trying to sell the photos to RadarOnline states, “These are Demi. The collection I have show some nude, including face, some including parts of the body Demi is known for — tattoos, butt, chin. Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy… I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi. “

Interestingly, last year, Demi staged a fake Twitter hack prank. In a tweet she wrote, “Demi’s twitter is hacked. Want to see Demi naked? Here it is..” She then posted a photo of a naked Barbie doll with her head photoshopped onto it.

This doesn’t seem to be one of Demi’s pranks this time.

I really hope these photos aren’t real. Demi Lovato and her publicist have not made any comments about this scandal.

If these photos leak, what could it mean for the X Factor season 3?

Whatever happens, it doesn’t look good so far.

Taylor Swift Look-a-like Gets Beaten Up

For what reason you may ask?

Well, if you must know, for the simple coincidence of looking like country-pop star Taylor Swift.


taylor swift lookalike


18 year old Xenna Kristian, a student at Walford and North Shropshire College in England, has it all: the blonde locks, the bangs, the blue eyes and the innocent face.

So, since she realized how much she resembled Ms. Swift, she acted on it. Xenna became a professional impersonator after hearing from so many people that she looked like the singer.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. To be honest, if I looked like a famous person I’d totally do the same.

In fact, she looked so much like Taylor Swift that after Swift broke up with Harry Styles she says, “young girls [would shout] at me, ‘Leave Harry alone.’”


Unfortunately, there are many Taylor Swift haters out there, so what did one of her colleagues decide to do?

Break her jaw. Because, that’s what you do when someone resembles a person you hate right?

“All of a sudden she came from behind me and grabbed me by the hair, pulled me backwards off my chair and onto the floor and started kicking me in the face,” said Kristian, recalling her attack. “I tried to get up but she just kept kicking me,” she said.

Authorities at school could do nothing about it, since they aren’t allowed to touch students during physical fights.

Watch her and her mom talk about the incident in the video.

I’m appalled.

There’s too much violence and hatred in this world.

Just because you don’t like a person, it doesn’t mean you should become violent towards them.

In my head, the way it works, is, if you don’t like someone, you try your best to avoid them.

That would mean you steer clear of them in the halls if its someone at school, and if its a celebrity you don’t listen to their music on YouTube and leave mean comments.

Because all you’re doing is making them more famous.

Like Xenna. Now she’s all over the internet because of this one stupid girl who decided it was okay to kick her face in.

As Justin Bieber, another hated celebrity, said in an interview with Teen Vogue, “Every time a hater visits my YouTube page I get, like, four cents. So I tell the haters to keep hating, keep commenting, because I’m making money.”

So you’re really not harming anyone you little internet hater trolls. You’re just making them richer.

Haters gonna hate.

I hope Xenna recovers soon, and is not discouraged from doing what she’s doing.

Because I’m sure the haters love her.

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