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29th Birthday Wishlist

I literally blinked and it was May 1st, then blinked again and now it’s nine days until my birthday.

I don’t know why this month is in such a rush for me to turn 29 but here we are. As is tradition, I compiled a few things I’d be okay with acquiring as gifts below, but do not feel obligated to get me anything!

1. Yoga Blanket: I’ve been really bad about doing yoga because I’m always cold so shavasana is not even enjoyable. A blanket might change that.

2. Google Pixel 6 Pro: My current phone isn’t enough to keep up with my needs as a creator anymore but the Pixel Pro in Sorta Sunny is kinda vibes. Might wait until Google shares some info about their 2023 phones if they release any in October.

3. Raw Chocolate Love Bars: I’ve been eyeballing these bars for months now but I can’t decide which dark chocolate flavor I want to try first. Decide for me!

4. The Album by The Jonas Brothers: It is quite likely that I will be too frugal to go their concert at Yankee Stadium this summer so I’d love to get the upcoming album on vinyl to make up for it.

5. Qveen Herby Aura Spray. Any of my fellow VIP Sugar Daddies want to get me something to spray away the haters and the botherators?

Don’t forget to use Rakuten if you’re doing any shopping online!


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