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Quarantine Diaries: I Feel Everything

I waited longer than I wanted to before posting this because I couldn’t find the right words to write for this last installment of the Quarantine Diaries.

So instead of reaching into the void for a blog post I ended up with a poem.

I hope this poem, titled “I Feel Everything”, resonates with you.

Remember, you are not alone in your feelings during this pandemic.


February’s oblivion
Barely thinking
Not even imagining
Anything of this severity
Could cause this much chaos
In so little time
March’s frenzy
Empty streets
Stir crazy
After just a few weeks
Stuck at home
While the world spiraled out of control
April’s loneliness
Anxiety rising
Missed vacations
Rescheduled experiences
And hence, rescheduled feelings
May’s beginnings
Which felt more like endings
Dangling on the edge of the unknown
June’s new hope
Reopening both literally and figuratively
Cautiously trying to live and not perish
Learning to mourn from a distance
Teetering on the brink of melancholy
Insomnia taking nights by force
August’s realizations
Coming to terms with a new reality
Letting go of old rules
September’s dissonance
Pretending I don’t know the world
Is not meant t
o return to normal.
Before any of this
The Young & Sick said
“It’s all too much” and “it’s all bad news”
And I’ll admit
There were times during the 20 years
That have been these last 6 months where I felt nothing
But now
I feel everything.


Stay safe, and welcome to the new age.


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