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DSLR Diaries: SHOWFIELDS & Night Shots

Summer is almost over, so soon I’ll have some completely new scenery to shoot photos in!

Let’s take a look back at my favorite snaps from August 2019, including some fun pics from SHOWFIELDS and a couple of night shots.

Showfields boodles gin
Boodles British Gin Exhibit at SHOWFIELDS.
Totally jumped into this pile of pillows at SHOWFIELDS.
Floral boards for sale at SHOWFIELDS.
Screamed all the way down this slide at SHOWFIELDS!
Motto of a shopaholic. SHOWFIELDS gets it.
Neon signage on above the elevator at SHOWFIELDS.
long island city
I think this is one of my best urban shots of NYC to date.
one wall street nyc
nyc architecture
Loved the way the lighting looked on this building facade at night.
little italy nyc
Ferrara Bakery’s neon sign.

I’ve also started a new Instagram account solely for my DSLR photos, so check it out for some bonus content!

@thewhisperboxpix photographer new york


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